DarkMatter Platform (@dmplatform)

Finding the story, pitch, homepage copy, position, and more...

Eddie Talaske (@talaskegrams)

I need to add a new stamp to this thing, any suggestions? #Wanderlust #Brainstorm

Somention Social Media (@somention)

Internationale meeting op het Amsterdamse kantoor met social bureaus uit o.a. UK, Spanje en Frankrijk! Inspireren en kennis uitwisselen 💻💡#somention #contentcreatie #brainstorm #inspiration #somention020 #internationalbusiness

✨Hi, I'm Nienke! ✨ (@revel_life)

Space is so important to me: an hour on a Monday morning to THINK. A massive roll of white paper spread out on my living room floor to get my thoughts out of my head. 💕Multitasking, noise and computer screens are not my pals when I'm seeking clarity... so this kids-are-back-to-school-enourmous-doodle-paper thing is pure magic to me today!

As for what's on my mind today: THIS you guys, is everything! Every single day, as I increase in health and wellness it just totally confirms: ✨WHEN YOU FEEL BETTER YOU DO BETTER!✨ In the diffuser, my 〰️Doodle Blend: 〰️Ylang ylang, spearmint and cedar wood to encourage playfulness, clarity and trust!

Have a LOVELY Monday!

. Cem Girgin (@_cemgirgin_)

Today I shared my experiences on foreign trade with new graduates of our school where we run in class too at my time. I wish our young people a successful life. 👨🎓👍🏻
Bugün sınıflarında koşturduğumuz okulumuzun yeni mezun adaylarıyla Dış Ticaret üzerine deneyimlerimi paylaştım. Yarınlarımız olan gençlerimize başarılı bir hayat diliyorum. 👨🎓👍🏻