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Six months #postchemohairgrowth
I’m going to work more often without a wig now. I’ll admit, I struggle with that though. I don’t know why I can go all weekend, grocery shopping, etc without, but it still bothers me at work :( I have certainly learned a lot about my vanity level through all of this. #breastcancer #chemo #chemotherapy #postchemo #cancercanada #cancersurvivor

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Calling all Medical Boob Cancer Smarties (Radiation Oncologists and Breast Surgeons especially.) We have a head scratcher, love to have you wrap your brains around this “in 25 years of practice I’ve never seen anything like this...” situation. LowDown: I was diagnosed with DCIS in my right breast in early December. I had a diagnostic mammogram (ultrasound assisted vacuum biopsy) about 5 days before Christmas 2017. I had lumpectomy January 7, 2018. No internal sutures. Incision around the nipple. Surgery successful, but still had some minor discomfort and pain around the nipple and deep in breast continuously. Started radiation therapy Wed, March 14. Felt nauseous and tied and sore after, used the cream they gave me. Felt good in the morning, went to yoga again Thursday am. (Vigorous, 3 hour practice daily, lots of upper body). Radiation again Tuesday afternoon. Nauseous, tired, red after. Used cream. Nipple turning angry red, breast swelling, admit hurting. Hot/cold spells. Felt good Friday morning, did regular yoga practice. Radiation Friday afternoon, nauseous, bright red, super swollen, hot/cold. Drove home for weekend break. Crawled onto couch. Nauseous, weak, swollen, hot/cold. Rallied for dinner. Felt better with food and anti nausea (and friends). Came home, slept hard, felt better Sat am. Breast very swollen, very painful, but no nausea/fatigue. Went to practice. Shortened by necessity to 1 1/2 hours. Drove home, exhausted, nauseous. Breast v. Swollen. Day on the couch. Slept 10 hours. Felt better Sunday morning. Went to class. Left after 45 min, nauseous and in pain. Went home, rested all day. Breast MORE red, swollen, nausea. Couch all day, rallied for dinner with friends. Bed early. Slept 10 hours. Better in the morning. Full practice Monday morning, felt ok. Drove back to Shaw Cancer Center for radiation. Explained to tech that I had an angry breast and was fatigued and nauseous. She looked and was alarmed at how swollen it was, red line clear from radiation field, angry black/purple nipple. Cancelled radiation. (Cont. In comments) #BreastCancer #DocsWeighIn #Oncology #MedicalHelp #CrowdSourcedProblemSolving #SoMuchForHEPPA

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A spokeswoman for 23andMe said the test for the three BRCA1/BRCA2 breast cancer gene mutations will be added "in the coming weeks" to the broader Health + Ancestry services, with no increase to the existing $199 cost. "The test also does not provide information on a person's overall risk of developing any type of cancer," the FDA added.

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I received this beautiful gift today. Thank you so much @kemitelford Love and Strength, just what I need right now ❤️ #cancer #breastcancer #fightingcancer #strength #love #positivity #gratitide

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"Your life is your story. Write well. Edit Often"

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Losing your hair due to chemo? Just a reminder, if you want a safe place to have your head shaved... for free, just call. A service provided with kindness and compassion. .
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Today is #BRAVEday!
#DYK less than 25% of women are informed of ALL their options for #BreastReconstruction? This is a statistic that MUST change so patients can make informed decisions!
Learn more about today's advanced reconstruction options via the #linkinbio. #diepflap #breastsurgery #breastcancer #bcsm #plasticsurgery #prmaplasticsurgery

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While we’re on the topic of Caregivers...
I have to give a shoutout to @trhodes89 for flying to me and helping me recover this past week!
I’ve been so lucky to have helpful friends and family that took time out of their schedules and flew to me here in Pensacola to help me after all of my surgeries.
As much as I give you #Breasties credit, I have to say I’ve got a pretty good original tribe too!
No one backed down from the challenge when it came to stripping drains, swabbing incisions, helping me to the bathroom, or washing my hair and shaving my legs.
I’m so grateful for each and every one of you! Xoxo (•)(•)🖤
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I love this woman so incredibly much. ☺️
I know a lot of people know her but so many don’t and she’s been the best mom anyone could ask for. 🌟 She’s inspired me, encouraged me, helped me grow and let me be myself. I would not be who I am without her. 😭
We started a company together and now we get to figure out this journey that is “business partners.” 😮💕
Her mom died when she was 10 and she often talks about growing up without a mom. Well, when she got cancer 7 years ago I thought that would be my story, too. She beat #breastcancer and now runs a charity music festival with our family to give back to that community. 💕💕💕 She’s a firm believer in trust, love, and perseverance and I’m happy I not only got her business savvy, but her ability to be silly and truly enjoy life. ✌🏻
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So this is a new for me .. on this chemo journey everything tastes yucky and goes right thru me .. the first week I did not eat ..this week I’m hungry but trying incorporate healthy new foods into my diet .. before you say anything ..I have been eating so diligent before chemo .. avoiding sugar at all cost to the point I was making myself and hubby crazy .. but I have decided during these 18 weeks I’m going to lighten up eat healthy and not over stress about every gram of sugar ..and eat what tastes good or I will not eat , then I will be weak for my next treatment .. after all my research every study contradicts the other .. the only one dietary agreement is NO ALCOHOL .. that being said this cashewgurt is not bad a little runny but I put granola in it and it’s yummy that way .. plus it contains probiotics which I need .. so on scale of 1 to 10, I’d say a 7.. nice little breakfast treat #pinksister #breastcancer #warrior #foragercashewgurt #eating #diaryfree

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Poster prize winner!! At the 7th research day in Medicine of the University of Fribourg. So happy! #fribourg #unifr #prize #happy #research #breastcancer #phd #lablife