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Something i can get behind. Saving tatas and shooting at the same time. #federalammunition #realmenshootpink #pink #breastcancerawareness #12gauge #skeetshooting

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City of Hope’s James Lacey, Ph.D., is leading an ambitious effort to digitize data that’s been collected by more than 133,000 women over the past 20 years as part of the California Teachers Study. Moving forward, the study — which is designed to understand why female teachers have higher rates of breast and other cancers — will allow Lacey and investigators like him to disrupt the field of epidemiology, and open the door to new findings that can change what we know about women’s cancers. #MiracleScienceSoul #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #womenscancer #womenscancerawareness

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Today At The Clinic

Some people do not believe in spending money on their health, most believe in God to do the magic, and rather spend the money on enjoying it while it lasts. This being that, for every cancer diagnosed, the devil is being called upon as a tool the villagers have used to send the disease, so therefore, they blame it on their enemies, and result to calling to God or other gods for rescue.

For every miracle, we are grateful and extremely happy, but…

The villagers didn’t do that to the millions of women who have died from Breast and Cervical Cancer. The lack of awareness, poverty, and general lack of availability of equipment and personnel did.

Other people are just scared.

The unfortunate case of an elderly woman (pictured above) I was hit with today was one that found a lump in her breast 5 years ago. She went to the doctor at the time, to complain, and there she was advised to go into the private sector to have it removed, but she ignored it, only because she was scared. Why? Because amongst other reasons, the doctor who was supposed to perform the procedure was one who had had complications in his previous procedure; one she was very familiar with.

She came into the clinic today, looking so slim and pale, her breasts in completely different sizes, pain unbearable, with hope that something could be done about it. Unfortunately, @drfemi cannot do anything to help at this stage, except to make her the first beneficiary of the free mammogram, courtesy of Nucleus Diagnostics Centre, and refer her to LUTH, Idiaraba, where they can check the stage it is in and know how they can help her – most likely a mastectomy and chemotherapy/ radiotherapy, all very expensive procedures, which underlines the need to have done something 5 years ago.

I feel terrible in these situations where it’s like our voices aren’t been heard far enough.

Don’t ignore a lump in your breast, never do. This woman would have died in between these 5 years she had let the lump grow this big, if the lump wasn’t a slow-growing tumor, which thankfully it is.

Hopefully, there will be something they can do to save her.


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Check out the event recap I put together for @woodandfirepizza's charity event last year. It was a pleasure donating my services to you guys. I look forward to filming the next event! 🎥🎬🍕

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I saw this truck on the freeway just 2 days after dad had passed and it stood out to me so I snapped this picture. I saw it as a sign from the universe that everything is going to be ok. My dad passed away from brain cancer but it doesn't matter what type of cancer it is. Cancer is cancer and it can either destroy families or bring them together. In our case, it has brought my family so much closer. We were a broken family before but I'm grateful that we can move forward in a new light with the strength and help from my dad. I stay strong for my dad because what he went through is something that I can't even in my wildest dreams imagine. If you have lost anyone to cancer, you know the feeling too and my heart and prayers go out to you and I hope and pray that you also find the strength to continue on with life after the fight♡ #braincancerawareness #breastcancerawareness #alltypesofcancerawareness #strength #hope #love #family

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True or False: Women ages 20-30 should have a clinical breast exam done at least every three years.

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There are some days when you need a minute to yourself in your car. Today is one of those days.
This morning I told patient after patient bad news. I was met with tears, optimism, and unbelievable strength. I am blessed by each of these encounters, and by each patient I have the opportunity to treat. But man does cancer just totally suck.

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Still speechless. 😢 What an EXTRAORDINARY spirit and devastating loss. 💔
Please keep Champagne's husband, Michael, and their family in your thoughts during this time. 😘 Also, please consider supporting @metavivor to help continue @champagnejoy's AMAZING work for the #metastaticbreastcancer community -- > metavivor.org 💕 [📸 @refinery29]
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