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I know curls. Some of my favorite products are #vernonfrancois moisture mist, #carolsdaughter healthy hair butter, #kinkycurly coiling custard, #sheamoisture moisture milk and black castor shampoo, #briogeo don’t despair repair and a must have is a #denmanbrush

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W I N T E R Renewal has arrived! #Briogeo’s Rosarco Repair Winter Renewal Kit includes three amazing reparative products from our Rosarco Line. All of which will be your hair’s savior this winter season! #Briogeo

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Посылочка из любимого @cultbeauty Пришлось хватать без акций (пока завезли) масло для глаз @odacite #baobabsarsaparilla , жизни без которого я уже не представляю, обязательно о нем в ближайшее время напишу. На периоды бушующих гормонов прикупила у марки смесь масел каяпута и чёрного тмина #blackcumincajeput . #odacite вообще стала для меня одной из любимых марок органического ухода #люблюнемогу
Потом пробежалась по ещё одной любимой марке @renskincare -взяла две маски - ночную с молочной кислотой #wakewonderfulnighttimefacial (повторная покупка) скоро будет пост , и успокаивающую, крем этой серии мне нравится, сыворотка забивала поры, проверим теперь маску #evercalm #ultracomfortingrescuemask )))
И немного для волос: повторила любимый крем для укладки кудрей @briogeo если нужен пост, дайте знать в комментах, тк я не уверена, что все носят кудри и это всем интересно. И на пробу взяла #travelsize шампунь и бальзам для окрашенных волос @rahuabeauty знакомы с маркой? Стоящая? #kurtibeautyshop #renskincare #ren#skincare#skincareroutine #organicskincare #organicbeauty #organic#briogeo #curlcharisma #curlyhair #кудриприносятсчастье #маслодлялица #уходзалицом #уходзакожей #бьютиблог #бьютипокупки #инстаблог#bblog#instabeauty #instablog

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The Naturisimo team have been swooning over Briogeo's clean, potent haircare since it first arrived in the office, so naturally we wanted to meet founder Nancy Twine to learn more about the brand, the ingredients she uses and what inspired her to create her brand! 💆
Read our interview in our N Magazine now! Link in bio

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Let’s try this shampoo.. I have read a very good reviews about it ❤️❤️ and I really need it after a very hard and long work out 🏋️️‍♀️ #briogeo @briogeo


ive been having a lot of problems with my hair lately, it seems to have given up on me😔 i decided to treat it tonight in my shower with this @briogeo #dontdespairrepair #deepconditioningmask that i received in my @boxycharm a month or two ago. it smells amazing and it had my hair feeling extremely soft! so happy that i decided to give it a try🤗

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My hair needs that extra moisture thanks to this weather. So I'll be washing with my amazing babies. The decadence line from @devacurl which gives me that extra hydration and smell amazing. ❤️ As well as deep conditioning with Don't Despair Repair! From @briogeo that gives me those essential vitamins. ❤️

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Let me introduce to you a product by @briogeo called Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask.
For those who really know me, I am not a fan of conditioners as I find them increasing my hair fall but this baby here was a total game changer for me. I got the 59ml tube from one of my @boxycharm subscription and was really sceptical about trying it but I did give it a try as it did mention that it was a Mask instead of a shampoo conditioner. My 1st impression was good enough for me to spread the love for this baby but I decided to give it a few more trials (even convinced my husband to try it) before putting up a review on it.
But instead, I got myself a whole tub (235ml) first and then decided to write this review.
About the product: Well, it feels like just about any conditioner but a little goes a long way. I felt that when I use a bit too much, my hair becomes flatter. So reducing the amount a bit made my hair smoother and softer without weighing it down. It also made my natural waves/curls look great and non-frizzy.
I don’t always pair my shampooing session with this conditioner as it does require a good 10mins to work it’s magic. So in a month, I probably would have used it about 4-5 times only (as I can’t really take long showers while managing 2 kids). If you have checked out my previous posts, you would know that I use @lush_ausnz @lushcosmetics Big Shampoo (which can make the hair dry and rough). So pairing it with this Mask is perfect!
Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly available here in Malaysia. I used @shopandbox ‘s wonderful service to shop in USA with the help of a boxer. Also found an amazing deal during their #blackfridaysales .
If you have anything you wanna clarify about this product, don’t hesitate to send me a message ❤️ #briogeo #deepconditioningmask #hair #hairproduct #triedandtested #beauty #notapaidreview #sharingiscaring #itworkedforme #great

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"Happy Holidays! If you're looking for a great gift or stocking stuffer, I have to recommend the #briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. I discovered this product last November and it has become an essential in my hair care routine." #Briogeo fan, @andreamatillano. Shop the holiday essentials at the link in bio!

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Just ordered this! Has anyone ever tried it? What’s your opinion? #briogeo #scalprevival #charcoalandcoconut @briogeo

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#GiftCrush 2017. My favorite products and crushes I look forward to receiving this season. @Influenster
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Half way 😱😱😱 I feel like the bottle is so small, that i am running out of it in a flash... I might have to but another one just to see long time results. That can get expensive. ☹️ I am not sure if I'll repurchase but it does work and it has helped. #ScalpRevival By @briogeo #Briogeo #Alovera