Markus Kosten (@markuskosten)

One of nicest bridge entrances ever.. at night at least.

雞翅 (@chitzu_handwriting)

不過澳洲人真的都好熱情啊~~ #澳洲旅遊手帳 #澳洲#australia #Queensland#brisbane

Alyssa (@alyssa__i13)

One of photogenic spot in Brisbane💘💘
#auslife #weekendtrip #brisbane #eatstreetmarket #workingholiday #photogenic #neon #ワーキングホリデー

Kulla Blind (@kullablind)

So here they are, our new 'Kulla Krew' crew neck jumpers. They are extemely comfortable and fit well. Very limited numbers so get in quick!

David Cubilla (@itsdavidcub)

When the sunset is so beautiful you just have to capture the moment.... #sunset #nofilter #fridayvibes #photosdontdoitjustice #queensland #brisbane

LUCIA DE MELLO (@luciademello_)

and i'd choose you.
in a hundred lifetimes.
in a hundred worlds.
in any version of reality.
I'd find you.
and i'd choose you.
Because it's true. It's one of my most favourite words strung together. This past week has been challenging + testing. Eye opening + soul searching. Lots of thinking. Possibly overthinking. Actually probably lots of overthinking. I have been ok my own with Luca. No support. No help. My parents are in Europe + my husband is working long night shifts. I'm housesitting my parents house. My husband is housesitting our house. I feel out of place. I haven't found my feet or any form of normality living out of my home yet. I'm not complaining. I'm simply saying how it is. I don't have it tough. But it's different to what I'm used to. I can't think straight with all this fog. And at one stage, I had to remind myself to feed my son. Well, he reminded me. I felt awful. I felt shit. I have too much going on in this head of mine. It's at full capacity. I expect so much of myself. I give so much of myself, that I forget to give myself to those that truly need me. Oh, and myself too. I often forget that I'm also a mama. In the sense that I am still expecting to be doing all the things I did before Luca. I know I can. But it's different. You know what I mean? Some people are so demanding + selfish of my time. But I don't hate them for it. They're not to know how I'm feeling. What I'm doing. It's not their problem. So, I'll find a little time out this weekend. Just. For. Me. 😉
Yesterday afternoon was precious. It was just the two of us. My bestie and I. My mini. Sunset loving the day away. I want more of this. I want to be more organised and feel more clarity. I'm going to create it. I love this photo, because it reminds me of the most magical moment ✨
I wish you all a beautiful weekend. Thanks for listening 😘🙏🏼 xx Lu

Sylvia Speakeasy (@sylvia_speakeasy)

I'm so sad that I'm busy on Sunday 😣 the Lippy and Lingerie event is going to be AMAAAAZING! This Sunday 30th, from 10.30AM, hosted by the gorgeous @viviennevsassy and @kyrawh_lingerie - there'll be bubbles, canapes & VIP pampering as you luxuriate in fab lippy and lingerie fun!
Check out @vsassybeauty to see what you are in for and start choosing the colours you'd love to try! And check out the Intimo range, gorgeous styles in sizes 8-24 & A-G cups 😉 or @kyrawh_lingerie
RSVP to @viviennevsassy ASAP, so you don't miss out!
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