Jess The Hairstylist (@jessthairstylist)

Gave my beautiful friend a bit of a change tonight. Full head baby lights with a root stretch 💜

Jess The Hairstylist (@jessthairstylist)

Scattered ultra fine baby lights make a nice & natural hairstyle 💁‍♀️

Sabe Hair (@sabe_hair)

Beautiful tones created by Sarah 🍑

Website & Social Media Design (@seedcreative_)

How does this affect you? If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly multitasking - scrolling social media, working, responding to texts, the list goes on. Lately I’ve been practicing meditation to train my mind to really focus, and access that good deep brain work. Make sure whatever is occupying your attention is the good stuff ☀️📝

lavelle hair workroom (@lavellehair)

An appointment with a difference today. One of our clients is the new manager of a women’s league team. Part of the job description is to get the women game ready - including braiding their hair if need be! Only problem is, braiding wasn’t her strong point. We stepped in with a customised tutorial to get her on the right track. Her client - Melissa the mannequin - was very obliging and has even gone for a small vacation home so that more braids can be practised, practised, practised. No request or question is too large or small, too weird or wonderful. We love sharing our skill and building confidence in others. Our style sessions are perfect for groups or individuals and are flexible and customised. Is there something we can help you with. How can we assist you? #stylesession #lavellestylesession #education #tutorial #braiding #womeninleague #rugbyleague #specialist #customerservice #brisbanehairdresser
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Teagan (@mummyneedsmetime)

So I used the Amp Roller myself for the first time last night. And honestly I was ASTOUNDED at how well it works. I’ve caught my reflection in my rear view mirror many times in the last few years... and there are my frown lines FIRMLY imprinted in my forehead. I try to smooth them out with (obviously) zero effect. I was seriously considering Botox or laser whatever it is... but ONE time using the Amp Roller and they are almost GONE ... like 85% GONE. I love these products but I’m still blown away by just how well they work! Do yourself a favour... there’s nothing to lose - you can use the full treatment of any of the products and if you don’t like the results- send the empty container back for a full refund. R+F are that confident!
Contact me and let’s find out which products will work for you 🙌🏻
. .
#ahs #activehydrationserum

Business Coaching (@the.zing.project)

How’s your marketing going so far this year? Get yourself in front of your ideal audience with marketing, it is such a key component to a successful business and not many people quite grasp the concept of oversell underdeliver advertising… If you have a new team member and want to build up their clientele, or even if you want the salon to have a burst of new clients why not try out a refer-a-friend card system, where you avoid discounting, but you give value.
For example; a beauty salon might have a refer-a-friend system in play. Jay refer’s Marie, Marie gets $50 to spend on her first facial for being referred by Jay. Jay is then rewarded with $50 to spend on his next visit.
You get an opportunity to WOW a new client doing what you do best and Jay is rewarded for it, but in turn so are YOU!

Associate Business Coach (@marie_drever_zing)

So much fun working in this GREAT space in Ballarat with the girls from @hairrepublic doing their team training xx

Stelios Papas City (@steliospapascity)

First step to being a blonde with our absolutely stunning guest @tenishajordan ⏩⏩SWIPE to see the before . Cannot wait for your next session 😍 .
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Beautilash (@beautilash__)

@cece_x with a beautiful 5D set of lashes on 🌹