Victoria (@vicky_giggles)

Happy birthday you amazing human 💙💛💙 #brother4life

Tyler Quarles (@quarles3533)

He's officially in college gonna miss my brother good luck gigs #brother4life

Dillan Murphy (@dillan.murphy)

Just a little appreciation post for my brother/bestfriend, as today he started a new chapter in his life at Hardin Simmons. I've been around this guy pretty much since birth and I know you're about to kick ass on the football field this year. I got your back through anything bro. Love ya man. #HSU #cowboy #brother4life

Axel Valentin (@axelvalentin94)

Quien lo diría!! Nos fuimos de PR en búsqueda de un mejor futuro y cumplir nuestras metas.. ya unos años después @_darwinmorales mi hermano va para su segundo año de universidad matando la liga duro!! Jugando varsity desde su primer año. @j.fuentes10 que se va para Webber este año brother mucho éxito que yo voy a ti y pago doble cabron usted es fino! @lolitzjoel el bebe del equipo ya hecho un varón representando a Puerto Rico con el equipo nacional y ganarse una 🥈! Ustedes entiendo los que les estoy intentando de explicar ? Esto empezó siendo solo un sueño y horas tras horas metió en una cancha estamos cumpliendo nuestro sueño pero esto no es suerte!! Esto es dedicación y esfuerzo además de countless of hours in the gym! I'm proud of my nighas 💯😻 love you'll my brothers for life 🔥 y que conste que este es solo el comienzo 😘 #lealtadinfinita #puertoricans #losmejoresdelfknmundo #brother4life #sinceday1!

William Mendez (@optimusmendez)

My awesome brother said @happysbeards it was an honor to finally shake hands and give you a big hug!! Thanks for the drinks you wouldn't stop buying me, I know it won't be the last time we meet up, hope you grace us with your presence in Chicago cuz we love you down here bro!! #bv4life
#MiamiWorldMeet2017 🌴☀️


Rlly miss this boii rii here man Justin means a lot to me n like he was always there for me n the Fam #NLMB #NLMF he is never forgotten #justingang #num #nlmb #brother4life #neverleftbehind

Young💯 (@therealdavante_)

Happy born day woe! Throwbacks on a Wednesday 😂🤘🏽😂💯 bless up bro more life to you , j23dan year GO CRAzYYyyy🙏🏾 #Brother4Life

🇵🇷ראמוס CHUCKY הקטור🇵🇷 (@chucky_tme)

#Brother4Life Sending you some new followers because is your birthday 👴🏼🔌😁 I would say #turnup this weekend but we already did that this past weekend.. so we just gonna stay calm for this one! 😬🙊 NOT drinking Hennessy! 🙏🏼

William Mendez (@optimusmendez)

Mi hermano, mi familia!! @edgardo1978 you are more than just my brother!! You are my family!! You have been there since Day 1 and have always been a great support! Thank you everything you have done for me and my chapter!! See you in PR!! 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 #bv4life

Benz4Papi (@haim_beja_mb_lv)

My kings and the reason of existence, they are best friends and there to keep each other's back!!! Kids are the best, oh and... S63 amg coupe comes right after 🤡
#brothers #brotherlylove #brotherlove #brother4life #funtimes #theymakemehappy #theymakemelaugh #theymakemesmile #theymakemeproud #mykids #purelove #kings #illbethereforyou #littleman

Mr underRated...✌🏾️ (@thethurd3)

They done let a real One ☝🏾 come home we just Waiting for 1 more.. #pressure #brother4life

William Mendez (@optimusmendez)

Honored to have been able to hang with the King of Crane Operators, @bearded_kraken 💥 It was a true honor shaking up with you bro!! I know it won't be the last time!!! #MiamiWorldMeet2017 🌴☀️
#bv4life 💯

elias-my-life (@twin_so_fly)

My first tattoo ..
My boy mom's name ..
What u think ??