Jess Frook (@jessfrook)

melt my heart. the love these brothers have for each other is unlike anything I know. as I sit & think about all the stresses that come with the holiday season, all of the money you're 'supposed' to spend, the massive gifts you're 'supposed' to buy, the well put together outfits, he gift wrapping, the making sure you're gift wrapping looks better than their gift wrapping, the decorating, the cookie making contests, getting he perfect picture with santa...the list goes on. looking at this picture grounds me and puts all that into perspective, THIS is what you're supposed to have during the holiday season, pure love. #merrychristmas #family #brotherlylove #brothers #christmastime #love


Even if a man broke my heart today I got men in my life that can’t be replaced.❤️#Brothers&Daddy