Sue Lee (@suelee124)

Chaouwara Tannery is one of the most iconic sights (and smells) offering a unique window into the pungent, natural process of producing world-class leathers using methods that have changed little since medieval times, dating back to the 11th century. #bucketlistcheck #tannery #leather #fez #morocco #vats #dyes #hides #northernafrica #triphighlight #leathergoods #11thcentury #pungent #smell #mintleaves #travellergram #takethetrip #ancient #culture #gate1travel #gate1travelcontest18 #bucketlister #happytraveller #memoriesforlife #travelling #chaouwaratanneries #theamazingrace

Catherine Smith (@herbagswerepacked)

Three years ago today, @weeruthie79 and I submitted Mount Batur, a volcano in Bali.
It was grueling and we almost didn’t make it.
My inner monologue sounded something like the following… “What was I thinking? Why on Earth would I think this would be fun? This is fun! This is not fun!” “I don’t want to do this anymore. My bucket list only says “hike a volcano.” It doesn’t say I have to make it to the top. But I want to make it to the top! I do want to do this. I could rest for a while and finish hiking it after the sun rises…” “I should have hired a helicopter to drop me at the top and “hiked” back down. That would count as “hiking a volcano”, right? Then I could check “ride in a helicopter” off my list too.” “There’s nothing on my list about hiking the volcano in the dark… I should rest and climb the rest later. But I don’t want to miss the sunrise. I will be so mad if I did all of this and had to watch the sunrise from halfway up the volcano. Imagine how lame that story will be to tell.” “But why did I want to do this? Because it’s awesome. It’s going to be awesome. How can something so exhausting and difficult be awesome? So much of life is exhausting and difficult but it’s still awesome! That’s sort of what makes life awesome. Hmmm… I should write about this….” ————————————
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