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Edição primavera : nem tudo são apenas, flores . Que tal os banhos termais na Hungria ? 🇭🇺 . Budapeste com mais de 120 fontes de águas termais mantém uma tradição antiga #primaveraeuropeia #cheirodeprimavera #hungria #budapeste #aquincum #szechenyibath

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🇭🇺 I feel up to sum up our trip to Budapest in Hungary. There were a lot of things which worth visiting and on the other side a lot of things we couldn’t stand.
• architecture (especially Parliament, Buda Castle, Liberty Bridge, Chain Bridge)
• safety (cannot imagine strolling through Prague at night, but there was no problem in Budapest)
• cheap food (mostly ate in McDonalds - we got 3 times more good than in Czech Republic for the same price)
• poor English (there is luck of English! All names in Hungarian language, very non-comfortable... there was a problem even in McDonalds; well in my opinion it is duty to be able to speak English, especially in the capital; we had a great problem with that.)
• homeless (lots of homeless at the subway place - apparently they are allowed to be there, but it’s so bad! When we entered the subway we saw five beds laying next to each other fully occupied with homeless people seemed to be very satisfied - only one metre further there was a police woman and did nothing. Very baaaaaad for us.)
• pedestrian crossings (only few crossings, very confusing all this system. As there are roads for cars, there are roads for bicycles and not a lot crossings. Usually we must have run cross the road.) • staring people (it was raining all one day so we put our raincoats on and went, but all people seemed like they didn’t know the raincoats. It was really strange.)
Hopefully this is not only our opinion. If you have your experience, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will be very glad. ☺️
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Oi! Já viram o vídeo da nossa chegada a Budapeste? Link na bio 👆🏻! Nem acredito que fui eu que tirei essa foto da fantástica vista da ponte das correntes🖤
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Eu só queria sentir esse frio agora... Fecho os olhos e estou lá, nas margens do Rio Danubio...confesso que chorei ao ver os sapatos dos judeus, nem consegui tirar foto. Esta foi antes de encontrá-los. Andar lá à noite, sem ninguém, sem barulho, só contemplando a beleza deste lugar. Nunca vou esquecer este momento... Budapeste❄️💖