Natalie 🐾 (@natalieweatherly)

It feels good to get back into a routine ... do you like routine? .
My typical morning routine is in my insta story 👆🏼. I don’t share much during the week day cuz work has me BUSY but I do share my am and some pm activities ☺️
I think we all do better, pets too, when we have a routine. I don’t know, with me, I feel out of whack without it! Do you?
And my work really controls my day so I like to control my mornings and start it off in a way that’s me and feeds my soul so I am a better soul. 💛

Shari Bascom (@sharibascom)

He is trying to unpack me! He either wants to fit in the suitcase or doesn't want me to go. Silly puppy!!!

Bronson & Betty (@bronsonandbettythebulldogs)

Just going to rest my head on your bum bum 🍑 #wednesdaywisdom 😂🐶🙈❤️

Piper Skye (@piperskyethebully)

Rise and shine friends, it's 4:20 a.m. And I woke moms up to get some lovings 💕💜 now I'm falling asleep sitting up 😴😴😴 Happy Hump Day 💜 #bulldogram #bulldoglife #bulldogmoments