Duncans Doggy Daycare (@p.u.p.ddd)

Good night. I am going to nap underneath the slide today 💤

Mollyvoittoinen elämä (@mollyvoittoinen_elama)

Hello world! My name is Molly and I'm 8 weeks old bullmastiff pup. There is so much to see in this amazing world and one wiggly step at a time I'm going to discover and solve all of its great mysteries. Like where does all of my poo disappear from the yard? What about my moms and dads Crocs? Whats the deal with those and why do Crocs have to taste so good if i shouldn't be eating them? So far my favourite discoveries are pinecones and dryed birdpoo, which I really like to take in my mouth and hold it like a cigar. It makes me feel real fancy and I just love it! #bullmastiff #puppy #squishyfacecrew #bullmastiffsofig