Burritos Are Life 🌯❤️ (@burritoswithaview)

No burritos were harmed in the taking of this mid-road photo. Thanks for sharing @ryantags from Melbourne AUS! 🌯👏🏼🔥

Sarah Williams (@bobbysazzler)

Just build that wall around me & the burritos Donald 🇲🇽 I choose them. (When the waiter recognises you & laughs at how often you frequent his establishment, does this mean you need to branch out and go elsewhere?!) #dilemma #mexicanfood #burritobaby @dfmexicodiner

Lizzy Mia Horrocks (@lizzymiahorrocks)

The look I get when I tell her to come downstairs for breakfast 😒 #burritobaby

Amanda (@mrsroehrig)

Looking through my pictures and oh, #bestillmyheart. Thinking back to 2 days old and looking like the cutest little #burritobaby #efr #littlehousesandlittlehumans #babyspam

janine puzas (@janinepuzas)

Snuck in this shot while Josh had his hospital newborn pics taken yesterday. Dying to see the rest! And yes - I've officially joined the obsessed-mommy club. 😍 #burritobaby #first24 #onedayold #newborn #swaddle #allthehearteyes #soinlove

Grace🌷 (@desayunoconlluvia)

The only way Jackson naps for a long time and in his bacinete (not on me) is when he's swaddled, since it keeps him from waking up due to startle reflex. 💕🌯 #burritobaby

Burritos Are Life 🌯❤️ (@burritoswithaview)

Soooooooooooooooo @officialpandaexpress has an Orange Chicken Burrito and my reaction is about the same as that guy's! 😮🌯👏🏼❤️

Jackie Hoppe (@ifbbjacked)

24 weeks! That's basically 6 months 😱. Time is absolutely flying by! Baby Jayden is already about a foot long and is growing by 4 to 6 ounces every week. All his facial features are developed and he has sweet little eyebrows and eyelashes too. Or a maybe a uni-brow if he takes after me. 😂 I feel like my belly is literally growing by the day, and I can feel him moving so much now. It's usually the most when I get really hungry like he's telling me to feed him or right after I eat. I'm really happy to say that I still haven't had to buy any maternity clothes, I'm so fortunate to be a gym owner and get to wear stretchy spandex leggings that I can just roll under my belly. If I actually wore normal clothes every day I'm sure it'd be a much different story. I've had a few cases of random morning nausea lately and I can definitely tell by the end of the day my body is a little more worn down. Sore feet and back especially. But honestly I feel like I've had a really easy ride through most of this pregnancy. Only 16 weeks to go!! #babyhoppe #burritobaby #jaydendaniel #ivf #ivfsuccess


This sweet little burrito baby is my husband's cousin's new baby girl: Evelyn Kate! She arrived on Saturday and joins big sister Sophie Noelle. I love the classic sound of Evelyn and Sophie together! #monikermaven #monikermavenrealnames #monikermavenpersonal #classic #siblingnames #burritobaby #babygirl #Marchbaby #Evelyn #Kate #Sophie #Noelle #monikermavenEvelyn #monikermavenKate