Shayla Assata (@bri_n_branz_4ever)

Sometimes you don't even do that recant their thoughts past conversations back to them and they tell you you're judging them and talk shit about you for weeks to come #butyouknewthatalready

DBG (@dbgforpresidents)

I heard if you knew better you'd do take notes. #DBG #HitAddictz #ButYouKnewThatAlready #lilwayne #Diddy

πŸ‘‘Syliciya (@ziimeria)

I took the PRICEEEE & lift that bitch πŸ†™ #ButYouKnewThatAlready 😝

🌏Mon & OgKπŸ’‹muaβ€οΈπŸ”πŸ’Taken (@realisrare_staysuckafree6)

β›₯12:25 #butyouknewthatalready #thatslaw
I hope 😜FUK a #tbt iont live in the pass I would start a new page but that's some old shit I use to do u gone see ths shit from back then until now and further its all❣️love to my past but that shit Had2 Die #Rip to da struggle I'm bout ta take da wheel #fullthrottle aka My Turn I been staying down πŸ’― y cus the past a slow u up jus learn life and levels and let go otherwise you will keep repeating your same mistakes positive vibes ONLY #Kandysweets πŸ­πŸ˜œπŸ’‹O yea 4got 2 Say #message of da day 😘😘