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As artists, everyday is a new day to create change and impact in a clients life. CREATE 💯CHANGE💯IMPACT **FELLOW ARTISTS: I will be at the ISSE SHOW in Long Beach along with my @uberliss Family, giving you techniques and tricks on how to achieve maximum amount of lift with minimal amount of damage ❤️💯 .
CUT|COLOR| @jordangabeeee
STYLE| @beijingbalayage
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HOURS| 6.5

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Thank you so much to everyone that joined me for #ByrdieBedtime as I went over my nighttime skincare routine, you all are amazing 🌟 Should I make IG lives a thing from now on? That was so much fun!
If you missed it and want to check it out, it’s still saved on @byrdiebeauty’s story for the next 24 hrs!! Please please please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about the products I used or to drop in to talk skincare or just say hi xx 💓
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⚡️The Supers⚡️ If you're new to the skincare world or want to simplify your routine, these serums make it easy. Skin feeling dull and tired? Super Glow wakes it up. When your skin needs a tall drink of water, reach for Super Bounce. Breaking out and inflamed? Super Pure will calm your skin down. I've used and loved all three with great results. Incorporate each serum in your routine as needed, or use daily for a well-rounded regime. Grab all three for $65 at the link in my bio and you'll get 10% off your first order! A tip for using these products: While you can use each serum every day, stick to once per day, and don't use Super Pure and Super Glow at the same time - niacinamide (in Super Pure) and Vitamin C (in Super Glow) can potentially cause irritation if used at the same time. No matter what skincare routine you follow, use products with niacinamide and Vitamin C at different times of day 👌 @glossier @intothegloss

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Night routine ✨ Today I did a live on stories covering my skincare and makeup stash. It wasn’t much to cover, but somehow I ended up talking for an hour, which I didn’t know was the live maximum. Oops! Next live I want to show my face and talk WITH you all instead of talk TO you haha. I’m having a serious irritated spot that is hard as a ball right next to my nose. Hoping it diminishes a bit overnight with the help of this routine!
✨first cleanse @jordansamuelskin cleansing balm
✨second cleanse @kravebeauty matcha hemp hydrating cleanser*
✨exfoliate @oumereskincare No9 daily exfoliant*
Let’s talk about this product for a second. It has so many magnificent acids and ingredients. Truly, I am so impressed. The packaging is gorgeous too. It comes with a small travel friendly bottle as well so you can take it with you. I don’t love the price point for the amount of product you get, and I do think that the scent might be overly sour to some. I don’t mind it because I love apple cider vinegar. I eat it with my salad everyday! This is a great product, and I will keep using it, I just don’t think I can justify the price point when I can get P50 for the same price for double the amount of product, at least here in the US.
✨moisturizer @biodermausa tolerance
✨spot treatment @origins out of trouble mask
✨lip balm @basaltbasalt
✨scent @lelabofragrances
I ordered a bunch of samples in hope that when I sell my Super Cedar (it’s on my poshmark if you’re interested, user: tefra) so that I can get a Le Labo fragrance instead. So far I’m loving Santal (predictable but so addicting), Rose and The Noir. What’s your favorite you’ve sampled from them? Let me know!
*pr gifted
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Winter months are for vamp lips. To get this look on the stunning @diannaagron, I mixed @maccosmetics Lipmix in Crimson and Burgundy #MakeupByGeorgieeisdell #tb

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New Year Resolutions shot for @violetgrey • Take time to recharge in 2018.
@ziipbeauty : Love my device, but the conductive gels that came with my ($495) set started to turn dark yellow... Mine came in individual glass ampoules. When I accidentally drop one on the floor, the glass would shatter. 😭 Glad they decided to repackage the gels into pump form... but what about the og first customers like me? 😭 Where is the love, @ziipbeauty? #recall

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Tonight's PM routine:
▪️ @skandinavisk lempi candle
▪️ @glossier body hero daily perfecting cream
▪️ @kiehls creme de corps body lotion
▪️ @drlipp original nipple balm for lips
▪️ @mariobadescu aloe vera toner (not pictured)
▪️ @drjart cicapair tiger grass re.pair serum
▪️ @shiseido benefiance wrinkle resist 24 eye cream
▪️ @glossier milky jelly cleanser ▪️ Son and Park beauty water (not pictured)
▪️ @herbivorebotanicals rose hibiscus coconut water hydrating face mist
▪️ @glossier priming moisturizer rich
▪️ @tatcha indigo triple repair cream
▪️ @sundayriley good genes all-in-one lactic acid treatment
▪️ @glossier super pure serum (not pictured)
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happy 2018 or whatever lol took a break from watching glee to post a new video all about my makeup + skincare favs of 2017! link in bio ❣️🌹🍒

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The one that started it all...@narsissist Velvet Matte Lip Pencils (plus @maccosmetics lipsticks)💄

Alexa (@lifestyle_engineered)

I struggle with dry hair because I have thyroid issues. But my hair can also easily get weighed down. So I have a hard time balancing a thorough cleanse, without being stripping, but also not weighing my hair down when conditioned. I find that the @glossmoderne is a great green option that is not harsh on your scalp. Also their conditioner has a great balance of moisture for everyday use. Update on deep conditioner to be continued next time here ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #style #fashion #fashionblogger #photography #blogger #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #naturalbeauty #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #palmbffs #palmcrew22 #femfeed #art #content #macro #hair #haircare #byrdiebeauty #blowout #blowdry #hairstyle #glossmoderne This was sent to me as PR


stupid little me deleted this post accidentally 🙃🙃🙃
I got tons of positive feedback so I’m posting again, please give it some love, FOR THE SECOND TIME 😏

ps I’m not a dermatologist or a specialist, I've just read aaaalot.
👩🏽🔬 we’ve talked about molecules before (chirally correct products - a couple of posts below) but now I quickly want to cover active ingredients and molecular sizes, or actually molecular weights.

active ingredients are those that promise to enhance our skin in one way or another, weather is fighting acne, ageing or dull skin, they are all there to enhance the appearance of our skin.
most of the active ingredients (like BHA, AHAs, retinol, Vitamin C, HA to name a few) can only work actively if absorbed correctly in to our skin ie. they need to penetrate through the top layer of our skin to do their magic. Active ingredients are most often found in products that go first in our routine like acids, toners, essences and serums. This makes sense since we don’t want emollients (often in creams and oils) and occlusives (often in thicker creams or balms) to block our actives from doing their job, so first actives ➡️ emollients and occlusives.

the rule of thumb for a molecule to be able to penetrate into the inner layers of our skin is a weight of 500 dalton, a molecule heavier than this can only work on the top layer of our skin. For example many forms of hyaluronic acid 💧 (that can be found naturally in our skin) weighs between 10,000 - 10,000,000, dalton so in most products it’s job is to keep the outer layer of the skin hydrated (hydration that you then trap with creams and oils). BUT, there are so called “penetration enhancers” that help transport actives deeper down in our skin. There are also ingredients, like for example Niacinamide and a number chemical acids that can penetrate deeply and stimulate the production of HA 👩🏽🔬

our skin is extremely complex, so the molecular weight on its own doesn’t rule the penetration. Factors like oil or water soluble formula, polarity and thickness of the skin in that area that need to be taken into consideration. I have a great blog post about this I can DM to you.

thoughts? ✍🏼👇🏼

Zoë (@butterandbeauty)

Realizing my #motd doesn't change very much... :
▪️ @sephora + @pantone correct and conceal palette in light/medium
▪️ @glossier you eau de parfum
▪️ @rmsbeauty lip2cheek in beloved (not pictured)
▪️ @milkmakeup highlighter in supernova
▪️ @colourpopcosmetics eyeshadow in come and get it
▪️ @glossier boy brow in blonde (not pictured)
▪️ @sephora high precision liquid eyeliner in black
▪️ @maybelline great lash mascara in blackest black
▪️ @maybelline lash discovery mascara in black
▪️ @glossier cloud paint in dusk
▪️ @glossier cloud paint in haze
▪️ @luxiebeauty angled shadow brush # 207
▪️ @glossier wowder in light/medium
▪️ @drjart cicapair tiger grass color correcting treatment SPF 30
▪️ @damonerobertsproducts brow powder in ginger
▪️ @smashboxcosmetics photo finish illuminating under eye primer
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Recently I’ve been only wanting to use cream/liquid forms when it comes to makeup. I’m all about that #glowlife and these two are absolutely amazing. The @sensaibeauty Glowing base is a wonderful primer/highlight and gives a subtle and glow from within shine. I love that I can use it on its own with amazing result but also under foundation and even as a highlight on the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and wherever I want to be extra glowy. ✨ the @bareminerals sheer sun serum bronzer works exactly as it name states. It’s a serum with bronzer in it. It melts in to skin so effortlessly and makes you look so fresh and also gives you an amazing glow. It’s safe to say that these two are my top picks when it comes to natural and glowy skin! #sensai #bareminerals

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Body washes and tools for Day 17 of #ABNewYearStashChallenge
I've been dry brushing the past week or so after my workouts and I've really been enjoying it! I never fully felt like loofahs exfoliate, even though I know they do, so I decided to try dry brushing since it's supposed to help improve muscle tone and cellulite reduction. Will report back on that later!
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