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Cookie: I’m Irish you’re not. Want some Irish in you??? St. Patrick’s Day once involved green beer... well everyone else drank the beer I went for the Rum, water, splash of coke. Beer gives me wicked burps which is not so sexy... Anyways, now St. Patrick’s Day is green Cookies.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day folks.
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀👣

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Today’s #haircut inspiration...the one, the only Liam Gallagher #asyouwere @liamgallagher courtesy Stephen @johnnysbarberandshop @stephenj.barber

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Heaven. Always my first stop when hitting up the @calgaryfarmersmarket
2 - Cheese Buns
2 - Ham & Swiss Croissants
2 - Bacon Green Onion Scones
1 - Sourdough Round
1 - Ciabatta
1 - Clover Cookie
Yep I ate it all... Well I will when I watch TV while heavy breathing and make a plan to start working out tomorrow.
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I am so looking forward to using, reading and coloring this Bible! One of the things I want to get better at is committing scripture to memory, so I'm hoping that not only reading verses but coloring them will help. Thank you to @wendy_speake for suggesting this one during our 40 Day Sugar fast! Happy Saturday everyone! 💐

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One of us is Irish but we celebrate as if we both were! #cheers

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Check out my insta stories for the low down on my second hand haul. #secondhand #secondhandscore #brandnewtoryburch #lovemesomesecondhand

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Happy Saturday and St. Paddy's day everyone! We hope you all have a great weekend - all I'm planning is hibernating and pretending it's not snowing out again (hopefully our last time) and snuggling with these 2 perfect little guys!
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Y O U ‘ R E I N V I T E D
Join registered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher, and author of forthcoming parenting book, Sally Powis-Campbell, in a supportive group for a conversation about Mindful Parenting, set intentions, and brings PRACTICAL mindfulness tools into your busy family life. Childcare is also available for an additional $5 per child at the door. 🌿 Visit “Special Events” to register.

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It’s been a long week. Advocating for your family can be exhausting and draining. Why is it when you speak out your automatically considered crazy? Call me crazy then if it means sticking up for the people I love the most. ❤️

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Prep has officially begun! 8 weeks! I’m excited to pull the last 6 months of hard work together after my first show in the fall. Hopefully I’ll see some growth in my physique by the time I hit the stage. The best part of this is all the amazing people I get to connect with all the way. @dream_fitness_yyc @dreamfitnesscoach @mpsleek @schirokhardbodies @tim_dardis_photography @elitefitnesscalgary I love the community you all create at our little gym. So much love & support going on!
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Growing in a place with lots of sunshine, warm weather and where we can nurture our flowers outdoor all year round, I dreamed to have a little flower shop.

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