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작년 늦가을+겨울 무렵.
쪼꼬미가 더 쪼꼬미일 때.
이유식 먹고 겨우 기어다니고 태어난지 6개월 정도 밖에 안 됐을 때.

모든 사람사물동물식물..이 세상의 모든 것들에게 사랑해와 뽀뽀를 퍼붓는
태어난지 18개월이나 된 좀 큰 쪼꼬미.ㅎ

동물도 다 알고 노래도 알고 엄마빠 하는 말도 제법 알아듣고. 엄마가 하는건 유심히 보다가 자기도 다 해봐야하고 요구사항도 많고 호불호도 분명하고. 하루종일 '주세요'와 '아니야'로 모든걸 표현하고. 뛰어다니고 기어 올라가고 조용히 사고치고 들키면 도망가고 눈치보고 장난치고 놀리고 쑥쓰러워하고 재밌는건 숨 넘어가도록 웃고. 좋아하는 친구도 생기고 보고싶은 사람도 생기고 기억하는 것도 많아지고.

신기한 것들이 너무나 많아서 기억해내기 어려울 정도.

오늘도 우리 수고했다 잘했다.
낮잠자는데엔 오래 걸렸지만 밤잠은 금방 들었네.! 고마워라.
유독 피곤했던 오늘도
조용하게 고요하게
서서히 마무리되고 있다. .....는 거짓말.
나가서 설거지하고 빨래 개고 빨래 널고 거실 정리하고 남편 머리 잘라주고나서 씻고 자야지.😅
20180120 토요일 밤 추억팔이.

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Purple cabbage & celery, strawberries, Bow tie pasta with Jackfruit. •
Dinner was a late one for the fam today so this is what I came up with for P in a hurry. Not too bad ! She ate a good portion of it so I’ll chalk that up as a win. Sometimes it’s hard to get dinner in the table in time for the babe to eat... what is your go-to quick foods ? We are fans of eggs, peas, peanut butter toast, and pasta!

2 great things happened today - I discovered bulk barn *que the angels singing!!* and we tried Jackfruit. Pretty good, I’m going to try in on some rice tomorrow. The texture is super similar to chicken, wondering if all Jackfruit tastes tangy?

Ezpz mini mat - @ezpzfun
Bapron - @bapronbaby
Both available at @hipmommies 🇨🇦

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Edison experienced his first hockey game today. The ref even gifted him a puck. #CanadianBaby

B (@bchrys)

That face though 😍 walking with our wagon! #winterwonderland #canadianbaby #frederickallanwhite

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Wondering what this little device is? Some might even call it a LIFE SAVER! If you suffer from arthritis, Carpal tunnel or have long finger NAILS. Then this is for YOU! Many parents, Grandparents or caregivers find that pesky crotch buckle so hard to undo. And I must say with long nails it's definitely not as easy as it should be. This device has saved my nails and helped me undo the buckle in one simple shot! Yep, no more struggling infront of parents😂. Gta Installs will soon be selling the official @thecarseatkey. This will help so many people with car seats in the GTA. Demo coming soon!

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#momgoals after we: take the kids to activities, clean the house, do something as a family, eat lunch etc etc . How do you make time for yourself in this busy phase of life? .

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Lumberjack beavers and cozy cable knit textured minky