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So 'outside' is today's subject of #myhousethismonth. I thought I'd post a lovely summer photo of our backyard and back deck when I had all my lovely furniture out and blooming flowers etc but unbelievably I don't seem to have one photograph so that will have to wait until it's warm again!

Today it is -12 with the wind chill here and everywhere is covered in snow. So here is a picture of the front of the house taken last spring and a recent photo of the front yard covered in beautiful snow ❄️❄️ #myhousethismonth #day18 #outside #brrr #number7 #canadianhome #homesweethome #homesandgardens #hgtvobsessed #foreverlookingathouses #lovehome #homedecor #frontyard #snow #canadianlife #britincanada #momblogger #januaryphotochallenge

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Finally Home.... Montreal I freaking love YOU!!

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O hai leaves
Comments open, idk why.
Aperture: f/2
Shutter speed: 1/3200s
ISO: 40
Story: one of many pictures on my first photography run around the house
We were out shovelling (it had snowed about 5 cm overnight) and before I went back inside I decided to get pictures of stuff here and there around the house .
. .
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My first NBA game and it was such a great night 🏀 another win for Toronto Raptor 😍
I was running through the six with my woes🎶🎵 #raptorsvspistons #raptors #aircanadacentre #the6ix #Toronto #northovereverything #wethenorth #NBA #canadianlife #caraibexpat

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Well folks, that is still MTX you see on my bathroom counter. The appt yesterday with my Rheumatologist wasn't bad but it wasn't "helpful" either. On her system she can't see the Myasthenia Gravis (MG) test results so I'll need to wait two more weeks until I see my Neurologist to hear about that. .
. She also decided to keep me on methotrexate for now. Initially I was frustrated but she explained her reasoning. The diagnosis for MG now seems very likely with my increasing symptoms (weakness in hands and arms, eyelid droop in evenings etc). If this is the case then it is likely my Neuro will begin treatment. In order to know if the treatment is working it's best to keep as many other factors stable as possible. Starting two new drugs could be confusing for both my body and my doctors. .
. So continuing my practice of patience it is! I have always been one of the least patient people I know 😅 so it's not a bad thing. Two weeks isn't long at all! Plus my Rheumatologist booked me again for two weeks after my Neuro. So if for some reason he doesn't want to start treatment yet she can reassess if we should switch my medication.
. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by yesterday with kind words. You really buoyed me along and I feel much better facing it all❣️

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Hey you! Just a reminder: Do what you need to do today. Do what you were put on earth to do. And don’t stop until it’s finished.

Photo Credit: Luca Iaconelli on Unsplash

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Me encanta que en Toronto y Montreal hay murales en todos lados🙆‍♀️ le da demasiado estilo a la ciudad, a la calle a todo. Es libertad de expresión❤️
en Montreal todos quedan en el Boulevard Saint-Laurent muy cerca de centre-ville (downtown) y en Toronto que en el Fashion District llamado Graffiti Alley.

what I love the most of Murals is the fact that they're in Toronto and Montreal. It brings style to the city and the street. It represents freedom. In Mntl you can find those in Saint-Laurent very close to downtown and in Toronto It's called Graffiti Alley close to chinatown and the fashion district. You def. go and check it out!!🇨🇦🤘

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Pastel skies and a sleeping giant 🖤