Hancock Park District (@hancockparkdistrict)

Nothing beats the heat today better than a kayak game at Adventure Day Camp: Canoeing at Dold Lake.
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SkipperTed (@skipperted)

Maybe not our best portage idea, but definitely the most fun. You can paddle from parking on Diablo Lake up to the base of Ross Lake Dam, and then either climb the very steep mile long road dragging your boat, or arrange and pay for a truck ride. We hauled the boat ourselves, but then took a wrong turn at the top of the hill (go right!!!) and ended up on a hiking trail that wasn't canoe cart friendly. Rather than turn back and go back uphill, we carried the boat down some boulders to the water.

Dustin Nielsen (@dnielsen1313)

#flashbackfriday to good times a few weeks back on Yellowstone lake. #fishing #cutthroat #canoeing

Dennis Maxwell (@ranger_dennis)

#puremichigan #canoeing can't stop - won't stop - paddling

OSM Adventure Travel (@osmadventuretravel)

There are two different types of experiences or "moments" - low grade and high grade. Low grade experiences are fun at the time but the high grade experiences are the ones that may seem like misery- but you never forget them.
For example. A roller coaster is a low grade fun experience. At the time it's awesome and exciting but a few weeks later you've forgotten all about it. A high grade experience is the canoe trip that rains the entire time and you're soaked to the bone - BUT you overcome those obstacles and build memories that last a life time.
Think of it this way - years from now and you're around the camp fire with friends who says "...hey remember that sweet roller coaster ride...?" No one does. Collect moments not things - but remember, seek out the high grade fun in the adventure! - Kevin J OSM Adventure Travel

CSUN Outdoor Adventures (@csunoutdooradventures)

Canoeing the Black Canyon is one of our most popular trips and it's back! This year we're adding MULTIPLE dates per semester to give more opportunity to go on this trip. #blackcanyon #canoeing #csun #Outdooradventures @csun_edu @csunas