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After traipsing around South Florida for 4 days (labeling snafu) Bae is finally here πŸŽ‰ Seriously-#carolinemademedoit


Birthday gift from my amazing fiancΓ©! Fat cat was extra! Lol #CHforCB can't wait to start using everything :) #cultbeauty #cultbeautybox #carolinemademedoit #skincare #skincareaddict

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#mayskinchallenge IG made me do it, this is my first entry for the challenge 😊 I bought this amazing toner "my fav now!" Cuz of all the raves about it on instagram and @carolinehirons words about it❀️❀️ made my skin better and I felt products r absorbed easier, step 1 to achieve a glow πŸ’Ž #skincare #skindiary #beautyroutine #homespa #moisturizer #facemasks #pamper #beautifulskin #treat #beauty


#mayskinchallenge Day 8, Value. @carolinehirons boxes for @cultbeauty are one of my picks for good value. IF there are at least several items in the box you need or have been wanting to try, then I would not hesitate to pick one up! Here are two of her boxes I've purchased and they introduced me to so many wonderful and quality products. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Second photo is of @ceraveskin tub of moisturizing cream which has been the only thing that has helped my terrible eczema. I use it unfailing every single day and I'm so grateful that it is reasonably priced. 🌟Also felt the need to mention @the_ordinary_skincare because not only are they priced incredibly, I feel that part of what's revolutionary about this line is that you can buy only what your skin needs. It's customization without the prices you would normally associate with something bespoke. An it's also not paying for what you don't want! Gotta love that. πŸ‘πŸΌ
#skincare #carolinehirons #carolinemademedoit #cultbeauty #deciem #cerave #eczema

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1️⃣ it snowed again today 🌨️ but the sun shined in the afternoon, the temperature stayed above 0Β°C, and everything pretty much melted away β˜€οΈ spring, please don't fail us. #helsinki
2️⃣ i tried this instant teriyaki soba for the second time now (K-City in Sello had two for 3€ the other day so might as well buy it). it was okay, but most likely i won't buy it again, since it's kind of expensive (compared to other instant noodles) and i found myself struggled to finish toward the end. i quite liked the design though. it has some holes on the lid for you to drain the water out.
3️⃣ i received the Tata Harper package from Content Beauty today, together with two samples (should be three but John Masters Lavender Rosemary Shampoo was out of stock. the two are Dafna Moisture Light and Pai Instant Calm Day Cream). the Tata Harper ones i chose were Rebuilding Moisturizer and Soothing Muscle Gel. i realized yesterday that Caroline included the Rebuilding Moisturizer in her What to Buy post for this brand, and the coincidence made me quite happy. i chose this moisturizer because i want something suitable for my combination skin and hydrating at the same time. i got to know a story about Tata Harper today that dampened my eagerness to experience this brand, but i will still try out these products that i bought, and also consider other brands.
i also went to Naturelle to buy Mahalo The Unveil. i want something that doesn't require a flannel - The Unveil is supposed to. and it's green! it shouldn't matter but 😝 i have a green garden today! πŸ’š
oh yeah and Naturelle gave me the Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening SPF15 Moisturizer πŸ’ i'm not sure if i will use it because i have Kypris Pot of Shade, but we'll see.
looking forward to try them out! πŸ™‚
i was thinking of including some thoughts on customer service experience from the places that i shop from, but maybe it will be for another day.
#skincareenthusiast #skincareinfinland #ihonhoito #contentbeauty #naturelle #tataharper #mahalocare #carolinemademedoit

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β€’ March skincare empties on the blog now: . clickable link in bio.
#skincareinfinland #skincareenthusiast #ihonhoito #carolinemademedoit 😊
β€’ we took a couple of stuffs downstairs so that people could take if they like. we took the bed mattress out, beat the dust out, hanged it a bit, then changed the sheets. i did meditation and yoga, both from #yogawithadriene. we made meatballs. i did the laundry and hand-washed my face cloths. he went for a run. all the little things. all the fun laughs (like when the wind was so strong it even blew away the bed mattress). happy. πŸ’–
β€’ and i'm tired now. let's 😴.

Dang Khanh Chi (@dangkhanhchi)

if you
β€’ are interested in La Belle Lune oil
β€’ didn't manage to get it before it was sold out (on their official website and on Content Beauty)
β€’ don't want to wait
you can still get it from @greensoulcosmetics. they ship worldwide 🌎
#labellelune #labelleluneoil #labelleluneorganicskin #carolinemademedoit #skincareenthusiast #skincareinfinland #kasvojenhoito #kasvoΓΆljy

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It's been one of those days.... thanks for the creme egg Mam. #carolinemademedoit #thanksmam thanks @carolinehirons

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Just arrived from the USofAπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ @carolinehirons excited to start using this one, #carolinemademedoit #365inskincare #differin

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I suddenly have a deep desire to wash my face πŸ˜€ Can't wait to try it. It's been sold out everywhere. #carolinemademedoit

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What a Birthday present! Top Husband ❀️ beautiful products thank you @janescrivnerskincare cannot wait to use these. I'm obsessed with the OO Cream it's so beautiful! ❀️#glowingskincare #organicskincare #healthyskin #glowingskin #janescrivner #nourishingcleanser #carolinemademedoit

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last night was retinoid night so kept it super simple with a 3 step routine:
πŸ₯‡ @carolinehirons for @pixibeauty Double Cleanse - I love this! Gets off every scrap of makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and comfortable. πŸ₯ˆ Differin cream, rx from my dermatologist, making my skin smooth but sensitive af and am still battling some breakouts. πŸ₯‰ @ClarinsCanada Multi-Active night cream (the oily skin version) - I wait 30 min to apply this after the Differin. Love the texture and light hydration it provides. #skincare #bbloggers #beautychat

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Spotted in-store at my local Target. I had to snatch it up (I was going to order it anyway). @carolinehirons is a genius and skincare goddess. #pixibeauty #pixipretties #carolinemademedoit #doublecleanse #skincare