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*After school*
LO- hey kenz
MZ- hey lolo
LO- how was lunch with John
MZ- other than his girlfriend getting angry at him and freaking out it went great
LO- Nadia was there
MZ- she walked in the library when she saw us she freaked out I'm just worried about Johnny it seemed like he really wanted to study ri get a good grade
LO- ooo jenzie
MZ- what
LO- it's this and John's name put together
MZ- don't say that ever again
LO- I have an idea
MZ- what
LO- why don't you sleep over so that you could tutor John a little
MZ- that's actually not a bad idea let me ask my mom
*at kenzies house*
MZ-mom I'm home!!
(MM-mommy mel)
MM- hello honey how was school
MZ- weird actually
MM-wanna talk about it
MZ-oh NO
MM-ok you can sleep over the Orlando's
MZ- thank you imma go get some clothes then I'll leave
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(I have to rewrite this oh well)(I forgot to put the cover whoops)
|Back Together | Chapter 4:
Julianna’s Pov:
I sprung up.
A: huh? Hayden? Where am I?
H: you’re in the hospital
A: why? How?
H: Well, you know how you were smoking weed?
A: ya...
H: well you had a bit too much and you passed out...
A: So Brennan wasn’t there?
H: who tf is Brennan?
A: and you guys didn’t find out what happened before I met you guys?
H: no...what happened?!
A: nothing!
H:and who’s Brennan?
A: no one! Nothing!
H: Annie!
A: I’ll tel u later
A: ok but 1 question!why did you bring me, why are u here? Why aren’t the girls here? (That’s not one question but Baer with meπŸ˜‚πŸ’€)
H: well...
A: well what?
H: ok! Me and the boys were watching you guys behind the bushes.
A: why?
A: Hello? Earth to Hayden!
H: ok! I was scared something was gonna happen to u! and we drove you here,but, they had to leave. But I didn’t want to leave you alone. Let alone let you drive like this, so I stayed.
A: Awww! *baby voice* wittle hayden still has a crush on me!!
H: no I don’t
A: yes u do
H: no i don’t
A: yes you do
H: ok I do!
A: yes yo- wait wh-
But before I could finish the doctor came in.
D: I see you have awaken Ms. Leblanc!
A: yup *smiles*
D:*smiles* Ok well we just have to check if everything is ok and then u guys can go!
H: *smiles* thx!
*30 minutes later*

H: ready to go?
A: yup *smiles*
H: your being nicer baby girl
A: *frowns playfully* don’t call me that
H: *laughs* ok! Ok!....babygirl
A: HAYDEN! *playfully slaps him**laughs*
H: *laughs*
We were walking to the car when Hayden whispered something.
H: *whispered* I missed you
A: *cracks a smile* *blushes* I do too MIC πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½

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The Bet πŸ˜ŽπŸ’€
By: @hannies.ish
Age: Senior
Chapter 2

Annie's POV-
Hayden Summerall!? Hayden's POV-
I'm Hayden Summerall as you guys know and I already gave my introduction so let's just start with after Liv broke up with me, "Awee is the Hayden Summerall...*gasp* HEARTBROKEN!?" Connor says while laughing "Uh no! I'm just mad at the way she broke up with me! That's all." To be honest I was heart broken, me and Liv might of been on and off but I still loved her.. "Hey dude cheer up, everything is going to be fine! Every girl at this school would die to date you!" Johnny said "Yeah I know but not all of them are smokin!" I said "Oh but you think you can change them into a prom queen don't you?" I smelt a challenge coming on "Oh so you wanna bet?" "Bet what?" I said with a smirk "I bet you can't turn any girl of my choice into a prom queen." Johnny was laughing, but I was serious "Ok I'll do it, you give me 6 weeks, any girl of your choice!" He nodded and we shaked on it "Oh lord" Connor said "Okay so which girl? The one with the big boobs? I can fix her, or maybe the tree twerke-" Johnny interrupted me by pointing at the one and only Annie Leblanc. "Johnny... No! No no no no no!" I said very quickly "What's the matter Hayden? I thought you said you could do it" I started screaming "Bro, that is FUCKING ANNIE LEBLANC SHE IS SUCH A WEIRDO! No one can fix her!" One of Liv's friend's filmed me I think her name is Kenzie but I didn't mind. Anyways not gonna lie she is kinda cute "Come on she isn't that bad" Connor and Johnny said "Fine"Β  I started walking towards her when I saw her laughing and drop all her art stuff, it was kinda cute but oh well I went and asked her if she needed help, she didn't respond so I helped anyways, I don't think she knew it was me because when she looked up she was in shock "Uh thanks now gotta go!" She was about to run off but I grabbed her arm "Oh Annie I just wanted to ask if you would-" She interrupted me "Tutor you? Cause if so I won't, I might look like a dork but I am no-" "Annie! I have the 4th highest GPA in the grade!" She looked confused MIC

KaciCake (@jenzie__fanfics_lover)

Chapter 4 Kenzie's POV *a few weeks later*

The Squad πŸ˜›
Lolo πŸ’ž- guys I'm boreddd
Kenzayyy πŸ’–- same
Anns πŸ’‹- me too
Hayden 😎- sameeee
Carson 😝- well then somebody suggest something because saying that we're bored isn't gonna do anything to solve it
Johnny 😈- ik a place that we could go to
Kenzayyy πŸ’–- where?
Johnny 😈- I'll come pick y'all up in my car in 5
Lolo πŸ’ž- kk
Anns πŸ’‹- see ya then
Hayden 😎- see ya then ma dudes
Carson 😝- alright
Kenzayyy πŸ’–- is anyone else not curious as to where we're going?
Johnny 😈- chill senorita you'll like it
Kenzayyy πŸ’–- fine but if I in anyway get hurt you won't have any balls left πŸ˜‡
Johnny 😈- 😒 ouch harsh much
Kenzayyy πŸ’–- chill senior πŸ˜‰
Carson 😝- JENZIE
Johnny 😈- shut up Carson
Kenzayyy πŸ’–- is not real and never will be πŸ˜‡
Johnny 😈 read 3:25pm
I put my phone down and started getting ready as quick as possible. John will be here in apparently five minutes which is now three. I threw my hair up in a messy bun with some ripped leggings and a tank top. Once I had my converse on I heard a honk from outside. Thank God I'm ready. I ran down the stairs and out the door. I walked up to Johnny's car and got in. "Okay now can you tell us where we're going?" I asked as I buckled my seat belt. Johnny smirked. "I said chill senorita. You aren't a good listener." "And I said if I get hurt you will lose your balls so don't do something stupid." Johnny pretended to look scared and then started the car. Just to annoy him I kept asking if we were there yet. Over the last few days we all have gotten really close. Lauren is like a sister to me and Johnny's well...complicated. We annoy the crap out of each other 24/7 like siblings but he is still very attractive. I guess I don't know where my feelings lie with him. Maybe I'll find out soon. We pulled up to what looked like a run down amusement park. "Where exactly are we?" Annie asked. "An old amusement park that shut down. When I first moved here I came across it on my way home from school. Everything still works." Johnny explained. "Are you sure this is safe?" Lauren asked. "Why are you girls all so scared? It's not like a clown is gonna pop up and murder you. Now come on."