TweakNButters (@tweaknbutters)

All the land the light touches is mine #catsofinstagram #catking

Louis (@louis_cat_king)

It’s called the Bend and Snap, and in case you didn’t know, it has a 98 percent success rate in getting a man’s attention and an 83 percent rate of return on a dinner invitation. Elle Woods would be so proud. #bendandsnap #louisthecat #thereallouis #legallyblonde #success #strongwomen #independentwoman #independentaf #catsofinstagram #instacat #cats #catsrule #blackcatsrule #blackcats #sassycat #catkingdom #catking #ilovetunnels #tunnels #tunnelsarefun #sundayfunday #sunday

mo ^^ (@introducingmo)

“I make it all come true,
That dream, that wish,
Just call me your daddy,
And serve me a dish.

You be my queen,
Take all you need,
Just always have chips,
Right next to my fish.

We go on ventures,
Hold hands by the sand,
There’s no wish that I’ll miss,
For some fish on my dish.

I’ll fetch the sauce,
And lick my sad lips,
You fetch the chips,
And the dish for my fish."
On a more serious note.. Cat King for president?! 😹🐟👅

Found (@efferkingofcats)

Maybe if I sit real still, then Monday won’t find me. #sundayfunday #catking #hisfurriness #tabby #browntabby #tabbycats #cats #🐾

S*Dusty Coon´s Hunter (@hunter.maine.coon)

My beautiful angels!😂💛 It's quite cool how smart both are actually. Me and Gummi understand each other perfectly. I have taught her to wait for "you're welcome" before she can eat (we rarely do that tho). If she does things she isn't allowed to I only have to say no.
And it's so cute how Hunter has learned things from her. He watched her making biscuits in my lap and started doing it himself after a while. He loves watching her play as well 😅 Hunter learned instantly that he was Hunter and she was Gummi. He goes around here opening and closing doors. And by closing them he doesn't just push them shut. He thinks it's very important to use the handle to shut it completely. So sometimes he shuts me or Gummi in 😂
If we played with laser pointers and he wants to keep going. He finds the actual laser pointer and tries to use it himself 😱 So we understand each other well and they fascinate and make me laugh daily!💛