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Two little babies snoozing on the couch ❤️❤️

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Purrrr 😍, follow @kittyloverrs for kitties who will melt your heart 💜

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h e l l o m y k o n i a n k i t t y 🔝#destination 📍#mykonos

ALVINO THE CAT🐾😸 (@catkittencrazycute)

What happened behind me? 🤔 well, that depends what you mean specifically, mom? If you are referring to my input on the interior designs, then yes: I do think that the walnuts look better on the livingroom carpet than it does on the table 🙊😸💚 And off course the silver bowl looks better when it is tipped a little sideways 😺

LaPerm Divine Curly Cats (@divine.curly.cat)

Jag ber om ursäkt för att det varit dåligt med uppdateringar ❤️ men jag har haft så fullt upp. Katterna mår bra i alla fall, och hjälper mig att sy kläder 😘 för att se det jag syr besök @ensmulabjork .
I apologize for the fact that there have been few updates ❤️, but I've had so much to do. The cats are doing great. They help me to sew clothes. 😘 to see what I'm doing visit @ensmulabjork