🐱 Nala & Rosie 🐱 (@nala.and.rosie)

Sunbathing ☀️ Happy sunny Caturday 💛 • Nala

⚜️Cat My Boss⚜️ (@cat_my_boss)

📽️ by @doubletrouble_sphynx ••• Run like a Boss😎

TeeGee Mocha (@teegeemocha)

Hi fellow kitties and kitty lovers 😺 It looks like we've finally turned the corner and nice sunny weather has graced our #NYC area. If you get tempted to hop on your 🚲🚲, do me a favor and don't try to maneuver your way from the street onto a sidewalk. Otherwise you risk ending up with a #brokenwrist like my #meowmie did ... 😿 #warning #biking #bikeNYC #bike #bikelife #bikelove #bike🚲 #brokenbones #cat #TeeGee

Abyssinian Cats 🦁🐱 LA & Sweden (@cheeseandolive)

The cactuses 🌵 in the background and I have a lot in common. We're both small and we'll stab you if you get too close 😹 just kidding! They only think we have in common is that we're small 😸👍