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Lacey Luna at her finest this Friday night. Happy Friyay and soon to be #Caturday 💜 #chickenleg #adopt @givemesheltersf

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Hooman and her lens in my eyes! 👁️ω👁️ #enlargemyphoto
Happy Furriday! Yay!!!
And, yes I just came out from underneath the sofa, so could you pls wipe my forehead I really cannot reach there!

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✌️ Happy Friday, my dear FURrends!
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📸 Via : @my_little_lily417
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Cupid, Sushi, Jupiter, Ramen (@outlawkittycat)

I've chosen to relax and nap on this cloudy Furriday today, furriends. Would anyone like to join me on my cozy blanket? 🐾😽💜