MetatronEyes (@metatroneyes_maine_coons)

MetatronEyes Litter N ❤️😍 This is how we socialize our babies from day 1! If you notice in the video, they are on our guest room bed where we sleep with them until they are ready to leave to their new home.
Their birthing box is literally on our bed. You can't imagine how many times we wake up during the night to make sure they're okay, and that their momma doesn't accidentally lay on any of them. They are our babies, and for all the trouble that a breeder encounters - these miracle creatures right here, make it all worthwhile. #metatroneyes

Puffin_Gram (@puffin_gram)

My face when the Sunday scaries start to creep in 😳

Banguela (@banguela_thecat)

Água fresca pra nós, AGORA HUMANA!!!!

Gunther (@guntherdacat)

Sunday #snuggles dreaming of #tuna 😻and white cheddar cheezeits 😸