Zella Rey of Jakku🐆 (@zellatheleopard)

kitten whiskers + toy boxes🐱 #tb

Little Cats Lost (@littlecatslost)

Happy Sunday! Today’s kitty is Ramona! Sweet Ramona is currently receiving visitors at Mr. Pets in St. Albert. She loves visitors!

Ramona is awesome, just awesome! She has a funny, quirky personality and loves everything about life. She is about 7 months old and while in foster care has earned the position as “Nanny Cat”. She loves to welcome shy and scared kittens into her brood and helps to look after all of them. She cuddles and cleans them and helps them come out of their shell. She also loves people and will likely become her new family’s little shadow...crooked tail and all!
She just has to find that family...

Little Cats Lost (@littlecatslost)

Wednesday would love to find a home for the holidays! You can apply for adoption on our website.

Space Cats (@sphynx_spacecats)

Our beautiful new Brother #Nova ... we absolutely love our breeder @gizzy_1956 .. if your looking for a quality / affordable Sphynx Cat contact Debbie! She’s the best, this is our 2nd time doing business with her @dr_shlaa got AVO from Debbie too and we just love our cats! Small in-home cattery out of North Florida. #sphynx #sphynxkitten #sphynxcat #sphynxlair #sphynxworld #sphynxmom @gizzy_1956 @hairless_catstagram @hairlesscatstagram @hairless_hipsters @sphynxcatlovely @sphynx.of.insta @sphynx.lovers.club @sphynxismyworld @hairless_catters @sphynxswag @dr_shlaa #cats #cats_of_instagram #catsofinstagram #catskills #catsagram #catselfie #catsofinsta #catsanddogs #catsofinsta #catsofworld #catstocker #catsconnect #catslovers #catsoftheworld

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Can dogs eat peppermint?

The holidays are here and there are a lot of yummy smells in the air. We're sure you are wondering if you can feed your dog any of these fun flavors.
So to answer your question, yes, they can! If you are baking treats, you can add a little peppermint for your pup!

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