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@jannelford is in the mentor seat this week, and we’re chatting about the appeal of florals, styling for maximum impact, and increasing growth and engagement through finding and embracing your niche. To read our interview with Janne, click the blog link in our bio! 🌸

Laurie Sharp (@_lauriesharp)

We are so excited to announce that baby number 2 is a girl 💜💜💜

Jennifer 🌸 Floral Jeweller (@flora.and.forest)

Flowering souls. How sweet is this? I can’t wait to get seeds planted so all those souls can blossom away.

Jules Theis (@mapleandmacaron)

Give me all the cuppas today! Need a little extra boost these past couple of days. Seems my creativity, drive, and energy are all a little low. But I love seeing everyone's inspiring posts lately. Keep 'em coming!

Tassie (@_chiffe_)

I mean does it do it? does that little bulb push this little shoot out of the trampled on earth...and then pop out this tiny little work of art?! And why the little lines and dots? And why green and white in this and not others?

And come to think of it, how on earth did my hand grow to do all it does and how do my eyes spot that little snowdrop and why do I choose to wonder at it

And while we're on the subject (because I can't keep Mabel out of the conversation at the mo even if she does now have her own account!) how does my little 5-months-on-this-earth Mabel seek out and find goose-grass everywhere we go and happily munch away at it?! How does she know it does her good? Where on earth does THAT instinct come from?! Magical blow my mind! 😍😊😊😊😊 Off to a talk by the amazing Steven Pinker @sapinker this week...maybe he'll have a few answers for a few things 🤔

Adele • UK (@just.isla.and.i)

Taking it easy Tuesdays - that’s what I’m living by today! Do you guys think think it’s important to have catchy captions everyday? Because I can’t lie to when we arnt up to much I don’t have a whole bunch to tell you guys 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️! .
For 20% of blooms link in bio 🌷 @bloom #zyper #flowerstoyourdoorstep

Lisa-Jayne 🕊️ (@lisajayne_and_her_boys)

🌺 What a beautiful morning! ☀️ 28 days until it’s officially Spring! Yay! #happytuesday #springiscoming #caughtflowerhanded

Marianne Slater (@francesandrose)

I've been non-stop since Tuesday last week so it feels like today is kind of my Sunday?! Washing on a 1st cup of tea consumed. Thinking about the next few weeks and what needs planning and doing... if anyone is interested in mothers day flowers please DM me to talk options and deliveries etc. As well as lush bouquets we're also thinking of bulbs and spring wreaths? I'd love to hear from you anyway! .
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• Yasmin • Mama to Poppy • (@mum_life_with_poppy)

🌹Gary & I are off to Centre Parcs Spa tomorrow late afternoon 🙌🏼 It was our Valentines present to each other ❤️ My beautiful roses are still going strong. For 20% off some @bloomandwild flowers of your own just click the link in my bio 😉 x x x

Tiggy (@littlemisstiggy)

Ahhh Spring I think you might just have arrived! 🌷I’ve been making do with Spring in a vase these last few days of rain but opening the curtains here this morning and the sunshine is pouring in so we’re heading out for adventure, I say still sat here in my pj’s drinking a cup of coffee while can you believe it Tiggy, Pip and their brothers are all still asleep! I love mornings like these! Hope you have a lovely Tuesday whatever you’re up to xoxo #aseasonalshift #springhassprung