JoeyWears (@joeywears_)

PHOTO POOCH : Our favorite dog and our favorite pants 🐢

Lydia Turley (@lyd_turley)

Play dates with fellow cavapoo Clio are total carnage πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I can never work out who's who to tell them off for getting too rowdy πŸ‘€ (it's normally Mushu being a typical boy πŸ™„) At least they're cute when posing for a pic πŸ’˜ @mushuthecavapoo @kelsey.davies

Mushu 🐢 (@mushuthecavapoo)

Started my day as a scruffy pup.. ending my day a POLAR BEAR 🐻 Its so good to actually be able to see again πŸ‘€ I feel so free and fluffy, Kellie sure knows her stuff βœ‚οΈ (Mom you should really water this plant more.. it's looking a little sad 😬)