Kali the Ruby Red Toy Cavoodle (@cuddles_with_kali)

Thank you to the Canberra Veterinary Hospital for this gorgeous birthday card wishing me a great first birthday! πŸ’– What a lovely surprise!😍 #canberravethospital #popupcard #dogbirthdaycard #dogsofinstagram #cavoodlesofcanberra #cavoodle

Benji Boo & Oscar Bear (@doubletroublecavoodles)

When your Mum makes you sit up straight for a photo 😣

Benji Boo & Oscar Bear (@doubletroublecavoodles)

So it turns out I DO love the water πŸ’¦ well, I love trying to catch grass floating in the water πŸƒ

Cavoodle Called Cooper (@cavoodle_called_cooper)

Taking a breather from chasing my ball! Stay cool my furriends, it’s hot today!

Benji Boo & Oscar Bear (@doubletroublecavoodles)

What’s that you see? It’s the weekend coming! πŸŽ‰ Weekend hangs with our friend Cadbury the spoodle 🐢🐢🐢

Benji Boo & Oscar Bear (@doubletroublecavoodles)

On my way. Destination: snoozetown πŸ’€

lieslc (@l.i.e.s.l.c)

One cute and cuddly cavoodle who is always up for a cuddle with me. 24/7 these days it would seem #newbedbuddy #cavoodle #cavoodlesofcanberra