Laila and Me (@laila_and_me_events)

100% Australian Single Product Ingredients ✔️ Treat your Dog ✔️ capped shipping in Australia 🇦🇺

frankie_mcfluff (@frankie_mcfluff)

Welcoming my new sister! I've been a good brother so far.. and I love my family very much. #teamreyes #dogsofmelbourne #melbourne #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #cavoodle #cavoodlesofmelbourne

Oliver the Cavoodle (@oliver_thecavoodle)

No - I didn't grow a second nose - this is mum trying to entertain me after she came home late! I say "keep them treats coming!" 😜

B A R N E Y (@barney_thecavoodle)

But Mum, look how cute I am?! I really don't think you should yell at me for chewing Daddy's shoes. 😳 #howisthisfacenotworking?!

Chloe Ho The Cavoodle (@chlohothecavoodle)

So you mean the couch isn't for eating? #puppylife #chewbacca

Scout of St Kilda (@scoutthecavoodle)

Sunny Monday park session

Beck Dobie (@beckdobie)

Oodles of cavoodles... Missy, Henry and Chloe celebrating Chloe's 1st birthday 🎂😁#cavoodlesofmelbourne

Winston 🐾 (@winniecavoodle)

I can run so fast 😱🐾

Ollie 🐶💙 (@ollie_the_cavoodles_insta)

Can't wait for my @fuzzyard harness to arrive so I walk #walk in #style with #mum

🎀COCO🎀 (@coco_the_cavockerdoodle)

Barely made it through Monday 😴 wishing mum could've stayed home with me again today! #tired #monday #bringbacktheweekend