Bella the Cavoodle (@bella_cavoodle13)

Memories of my first pup date out with my aunties! @teresa.lucia_ and @oliver_thecavoodle I can't wait to meet Ollie the cavoodle soon! šŸ•šŸ¶šŸ˜˜

Pepper the cavoodle (@theycallmepepper_)

I have a pretty cute face and I know how to use it to my advantage šŸ¶ | Mondayitis hit especially hard today being away from this ball of fluff šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜«šŸ˜«

Maggie (@maggie_cavoodle)

Got a new backpack filled with toys and snacks! Ready for some adventures! šŸ¤—

Hope everyone has a good week! ā¤ļø #readyforschool #cavoodle #backpackoftoys #adventurer #cavoodlesofmelbourne #dogsofinstagram #instadog

Jane Hallisey (@janehallisey)

šŸŠMy darling little Clementine!! šŸŠ

Riley (@riley.cavoodle)

Thanks @yarra_one for having me at your Valentine's Day Doggy Speed Dating šŸ¶ā¤ļøšŸ¶ā¤ļø. Shout out to @petshaven @nova100 @pidapipo_gelateria @chapelprecinct @getwag @greenpointmedia_ for the pawsome collaboration!