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Hiding From Happiness ~ Chapter 19
Annie's POV:
Hayden and I walk into the gym, holding hands. As soon as those doors open everybody was staring at us.
A - Hayden, they're all staring at us.
H - No Annie, they're all staring at you. You're gorgeous.
A - *smiles*
They walk towards the snack bar and they spotted their friends.
H - Hey Carson, Lexi and Jayden!
C - I see you guys had a standing ovation. - swipe to see Carson's suit -
L - Honestly, you guys are the cutest couple here! - swipe to see Lexi's outfit -
J - AGREE. See Hayden I told you, Annie would be your date. I knew it from the first day of school. - swipe to see Jayden's outfit -
H - Well, Me and Annie do make a great team. Right Annie?
I heard Hayden say my name but I didn't bother saying anything. I was to busy staring at Kenzie. She looked kind of jealous that me and Hayden were " together ". Kenzie gave me an evil eye and mouthed "watch out". - swipe to see Kenzie's outfit -
Suddenly I froze.
H - Annie? *taps Annie's should* Are you okay Annie?
A - Yeah I'm fine * fake smiles *
J - Annie, we can all tell you're not fine. What wrong?
A - Uh... um...
L - Come on Annie, we're your best friends. You can tell us anything.
A - Fine...
C - Come on Annie
A - ........
I just keep on stalking. The words can't come out of my mouth.
H - Annie. Please tell us. I want tonight to be the best night you've ever had. I want to make you the happiest girl in the world. Please tell us.
A - Okay *breathes* While you guys were talking Kenzie... Gave me the evil eye and she mouthed the words " watch out ". She also kind of seems jealous, considering her and Hayden were a thing.
H - Don't let Kenzie ruin this. *holds Annie's hand* She means nothing to us.
C - She's just jealous that she can't hang out with us cool kids! And plus she can't have Hayden's body.
J - Woah Carson... Slow it down.
L - Let's not say that *they all laugh*
Hayden's POV:
We all sat at a the table in the middle. All eating, laughing, and singing to the music. I knew that tonight was going to be awesome.
This wasn't my best chapter but sorry for the long wait! Stay tuned for he next chapter. #coolkidsclub #celebratelife #hannie

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A little bit of sparkle and a new brooch from @cassiescornervintage to get me through another crazy day!

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Even if it was only for a little while! I'm glad I was there to celebrate this special day with you! Now it's time to take on the world!
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There is always a place for YOU at our table!! πŸ’•

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Welcome Shrushti Barot to studioSIX5! As a software developer, Shrushti is a valuable member of our IT team. Get to know her a little more over on #studioSIX5Spotlight
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β€’What a week...turns out my director is a magician.he's also one of the sweetest most kind guys I've ever met.thanks for everything!! #staytuned #annieleblanc #playhardgiveback #goagainstthestream #celebratelife #cantwait

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