Bianca Charlotte 📍Rhode Island (@charlottebellafab)

Summer Beauty Must Haves☀️
-Hydra-Essentiel Gel from @clarinsusa -BB Cream from @100percentpure -Lip Balm with SPF from @neutrogena -@biodermausa Sensibio Eye Cream! 💦What are your summer beauty must haves?/ Cuéntame, Cuales tus must haves de belleza este verano?

k a t e ❃ (@katejroberts)

I have tomorrow off then I can finally soak up the sun! 😍☀️

Nina Wolves (@nina_wolves)

🌅 Auf dem Blog findet Ihr endlich auch meinen zweiten Look aus Dubai! ✨
Es war viel los in den letzten Monaten und ich bin leider nicht sonderlich viel zum bloggen gekommen 🙈 Ich hoffe das ändert sich jetzt wieder und in Zukunft wird wieder regelmäßiger was kommen 😀

Hey! It's me Doña Quejica! 🐼 (@donnaquejica)

Hoy es uno de esos días.
Esos días donde te das asco, no crees que nada te quede bien.
No te apetece ni ponerte los labios rojos ni hacerte la raya negra en los ojos (para alegrar la cara de muerta que llevas)
No te apetece más que llorar y lloras, pero luego te miras y sabes que días así habrán siempre, y que bueno tampoco estás tan mal.

Intento luchar con esos demonios que viven en mi interior, juro que lo intento.
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Loralyee (@loralyee)

💚 Emerald Goddess 💚 at @golden.confidence pool party yesterday!! #goldenconfidencepoolparty
Cover up- @sirenenyc_
Swimsuit- @adoreme #adoreme #sponsored
Photographer- @vivalacurvy

I AM new plus fashion line (@iamelsalvador)

Nuestros más sinceros deseos llenos de bendiciones y éxitos en sus labores en esta semana más que iniciamos. Recuerda que no hay nada imposible, todo lo puedes hacer.
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About to drop another set from four years ago..... jeez @photosbyphelps we're getting old #OG

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🦄Jackie A🦄 (@jackieabitches)

This one is definitely top five of my favorite pics shot by @photosbyphelps

D•A•N•Y || PLUS SIZE BLOGGER 🦄 (@abafaocasooficial)

🌷Acho que o único julgamento que as pessoas deveriam fazer de alguém é se a pessoa é feliz ou não . Porque na verdade é isso que importa no final das contas cada um é feliz por uma coisa diferente. Então se você está vivendo para atender a expectativa dos seus expectadores, de um surto de amor próprio, auto confiança, vai correr atrás do que te faz feliz! E, sinceramente, o problema é de quem não gostar. Agradar aos outros não tem que ser mais importante do que agradar a si próprio!! 💪🏻👍🏻😌✌🏻

Christine 💁🏻 (@thechristinecho)

I'm excited to get tanned legs this summer.
"Tanned legs? That's awfully specific."
Yes, it is and you know why? Because I don't remember the last time I flaunted my legs in the sunshine long enough for them to get tanned. I'll wear dresses and I'll wear the occasional skirt, but never in my life have I gone out in public in short shorts.
👉🏼 1. Because they aren't usually made in my size
👉🏼 2. Because what would people think and say?
I mean how many times have you been out with people and heard someone comment on the outfit of a fat person?
👉🏼"I can't believe she's wearing that."
👉🏼"Some people just shouldn't wear certain things."
👉🏼"That's so gross."
I never wanted to be on the receiving end of these comments, so I wore jeans CONSTANTLY, no matter how hot the temperatures reached. "I can't believe you're wearing jeans when it's this hot." Honey, me either!
Many people who've seen me in dresses or shorts at home have made the same comment to me: "Look how brown your feet are and how pale your legs are!" That's what 25 years of insecurity driven, sun deprivation looks like, okay?
But this summer, I'd rather be bold than insecure. I'd rather be comfortable than covered up. I bought these short shorts from @boohoo, and wore them this weekend when I went up to North London to visit friends, and from deep in South London that isn't a short journey either. I got on a crowded bus of people, to get on a crowded tube full of people, and then walk along a crowded high street full of people.
Yes, I most certainly got looks. Whether in approval or disapproval I don't know, but I also don't care, because I felt like absolute fire. I was breaking the fat girl rules with my tucked in shirt and short shorts and NOT 👏🏼GIVING👏🏼A👏🏼SHIT👏🏼! .
So, I'm going to keep wearing these shorts out all summer, and get a beautiful Latina tan like my genetics intended. And if it offends you, you can stay offended. ✌🏼😘❤️ Photos by: @neeyshia777