Kenny. (@1sizefitzall)

Taking a minute from all these numbers to play with my hair. I need a raise LOL!

Kenny. (@1sizefitzall)

Work hard. Pave your way. Be the reason for your results. Don't let anyone take that from you ♥️♥️♥️

Society+ (@societyplus)

Our #WCW this week is boss babe @making.time! "I'm just a real mom, trying to wrangle my kids, but looking good while I do it! I'm loving my new Makena Polka Dot Chiffon Skirt from Society+. It's fun, flirty, flowy, twirl-worthy, and kid-approved!"
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Curvy Girls - VIP (@curvygirlsvip)

Instagram: @mylive_elina
Name: Elina Goldstein
From: Erlangen - Germany
Birth date: July 29th
Horoscope: Leo
Model album at: #ElinaGoldsteinCGVIP
#celebratemysize #loveyourbody #bigandsexy #photoshootready

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😂😭😂😭 Maybe the best thing I have ever read 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #honormycurves

Joan Schubert (@feteandflora)

Everyone rocked it and no one fell. I call that a win #dinerenblancsac

Mona, The Smiling Sweetheart (@thesmilingsweetheart)

laughing cause the week is half way done #ontheblog

Bianca Cardona (@biancs61)

Meet, casual yet not casual at all, Bianca.
She enjoys scarves and apparently allies.