LaKesha L. Williams (@lakeshalwilliams)

Born Overcomers needs 600 people to give $5 for us to reach our $3,000 Back to School Drive goal. Will you help??? If so you can donate via If you've donated already thank you! If you are unable to donate, pray that we reach our goal. Blessings to you!

Boosting Bolton (@boostingbolton)

Can you think of a tastier #fundraiser to be a part of?! Collect your free tube of #smarties from us and replace the #sweets with 20 pence pieces! #bolton #fundraising #charitytuesday #sweeties #kidsfundraiser #fundraisingisfun #fundraisingforkids #boostingbolton

The Creative Dimension Trust (@thecreativedimension)

All prepared and ready to go City&GuildsArtSchool for Verre eglomisé starting tomorrow 😲 #WeLoveCraft

Proudies Foundation Inc (@proudiesfoundationinc)

15/07/2011 🗓️ Six years ago today the world was turned upside down for Warrick Proudlove and his family. When the car he was traveling in, back to his home town of Albany WA, was involved in a horrific accident on Albany Highway. The strength and dedication this incredible family has shown over the years is unwavering and absolutely inspiring. Keep fighting! We're behind you all the way 💪🏼💛💙 Proudies Foundation Inc Family & Friends x #ShowYourStrength #ProudiesFoundationInc

Proudies Foundation Inc (@proudiesfoundationinc)

The July Proudies Meeting was in full swing this week! We have so much in store for you in the next few months! Stay tuned! Want to get involved in all the fun? The #ProudiesFoundationInc team are always looking for extra helping hands contact us to find out more about what you can do to #ShowYourStrength 💪🏼

SU QLD (@suqld)

"In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' " - ‭‭Acts‬ ‭20:35‬‬ #encouragementsunday

Positive Planet Foundation (@positiveplanet_)

Positive Economy Advocacy uses altruism to assess the interest of future generations by the positive indices of nations, cities and businesses.⠀

The Foundation also organizes three reference events, enabling as many people as possible to reach the positive economy. #Nepal #developinglife #fundraising

Project Change International (@projectchangeinternational)

"Long post, READ!
The piece on my head is a coverup/scarf/beach wrap piece made by women who have been freed from sex slavery and given above average wage jobs in Cambodia by a beautiful company, @projectchangeinternational
This company helps women who have been freed from sex slavery in Cambodia and provides them with wages that allow them to go to school and help themselves and their families. It's an honor to collaborate/partner with you guys and your cause.
As many of you know, the BELIEVE, organization is all about giving back and making beautiful change to the world. Any cause such as @projectchangeinternational cause, we want to help.
The world is beautiful. Love.
Make Up and Photo Cred: @_michaelfranco_"

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Operation Compassionate Care (@no2ptsd)

Pain is real, but so is hope. There is hope out there for you, don't give up. We are working hard to educate those suffering from PTSD and TBI about the benefits of medical cannabis. Please have a look at our new resources page at
Please feel free to repost and share. #No2PTSD

Everyday Child (@everydaychild)

Hey Everyone! ❤️

Can you donate 15-20 minutes of your TIME to teach this group about Global Warming? We would love to hear from you! 😃

#DonateYourTime #EverydayChild

SU QLD (@suqld)

We are turning 150! Share your throwbacks with us using #mySUmemory #tbt

Positive Planet Foundation (@positiveplanet_)

La Cocotte, un espace de coworking mis en place par Positive Planet France et l'Adie à Vénissieux, a été inauguré le 7 juillet! ⠀⠀
Venez nombreux profiter de cet espace de partage et de coworking pour développer vos projets #Positiveurs #France #changemakers

Pasadena Jaycees (@pasadenajaycees)

Paint, drink, and help raise money for Pasadena Jaycees's projects! Reserve your night out at and the Jaycees get $15. And you get a fun night out! #paintnite #jaycees

Undies Supply Co. (@undiessupplyco)

Money/wealth is such an effective motivating force because it is a finish line that always extends. For the vast majority of us, there will always be a higher dollar amount/more lavish lifestyle to pursue until the day we die. This pursuit/hope for “a better life” leaves us anxious and exhausted. For the few who have crossed the finish line (multi-millionaires/billionaires/celebrities), we often find them extremely stressed, depressed, lonely, and UNFULFILLED. We can deduce that money, as an end-in-itself, is “not the answer.” Let’s all save a bunch of time and stop chasing the proverbial carrot that will forever be dangling in front of us. Instead, let’s find, pursue, and execute our PURPOSE.

With love,

Youth Art For Healing (@youthartforhealing)

#FlashbackFriday Our projects begin here with some intros! We meet the students from Montgomery Blair High School and Walt Whitman High School students. Take a peek! 👀 And watch the full video in the link in our bio.

Aardman Nathan Love (@aardmannathanlove)

#Repost @aardmananimations
Have you heard of Mac the Macula? In this new animation directed by @bramttwheam for @macularsociety Mac takes us on a journey into the eye to tell us more about the role of our macula. Watch the film on our site (link in bio)
#Aardman #AardmanAnimations #BramTtwheam #2DAnimation #CharityTuesday #charity #MacularSociety #AMD #VisionLoss #wedomorethanyouthink