Caity Bell (@mrscaitybell)

Tonight I put my “baby” down to sleep for the last time. Tomorrow I will wake up with a 1 year old. This year has flown by but I couldn’t have enjoyed it with my sweet boy any more. #charliecurtisbell #firstbirthday #charlieturns1

Maegan Powell (@maemattis)

Oh Charlie girl, you have this momma heart of mine weepy today. Weepy with tears of joy! See this time last year, your dad and I were nervously driving to meet your first mom. Not much talking happened on the drive as fear gripped our hearts. Isn’t it funny how fear does that to us. I remember grabbing your dad’s hand as we walked in and whispering that last prayer. Being honest, after what seemed like years of waiting for you, our faith in that prayer was small. Oh, but you see Jesus is good like that, being faithful to us even when we doubt His goodness. Because we want you to be the first to hear your story, we will skip the rest for now. I remember seeing you for the first time and I lost my breath at how beautiful you were. When I held you for the first time, Jesus broke me with how faithful He is and how much He wants for us to have better gifts than we could give ourselves! And oh baby girl, you are a lovely gift. All the dreams I had of a first born child hold no comparison to our love for you. We love you oh so much and would choose you again and again. You sweet baby girl are our proof of God’s faithfulness. And sweet baby just like you are our hope, I know Jesus is going to use your story to bring His goodness to others! See I know this because He already has countless times! So moms and dads who are waiting, your time is coming, Jesus is faithful, and He can’t wait to celebrate with you when your blessing comes! So today Charlie, we celebrate you turning 1, we celebrate Jesus , and we celebrate story!! We love you baby girl!! #charlieturns1 #happybirthday #weloveyou

Maegan Powell (@maemattis)

Happy First Birthday Party success ❤️ We loved celebrating you today sweet girl! #firstbirthday #babiesdontkeep #charlieturns1

Amanda Freiman (@amanda.freiman)

The boys’ big Toy Story birthday bash was amazing!! We are so blessed to have friends and family that love us and our boys so much #Willturns3 #Charlieturns1 #toystoryparty

Elizabeth Owens (@elizabethowens_)

⚡️ONE⚡️ Where did that year go 😳 Happy Birthday to our beautiful baby boy #charlieturns1 @steve_owe

🔥 Rachel 🔥 (@iamrachelneri)

You look like snow white baby! Cant wait to see you next month! 😘 #CharlieTurns1 #SofiaIsabel

Kellie Noell (@teamjk)

Had so much fun celebrating sweet Charlie Girl! 💓💓💓 #Charlieturns1

Em Webb🌵 (@emily.mae.webb)

We should throw a doggie birthday party every weekend #charlieturns1

Tiahna Porter (@tiahnarae)

Had so much fun Celebrating Charlie's 1st Birthday ! #charlieandthechocolatefactory #charlieTurns1 #HBD #babyfriends

Juliana Yurkevitch (@jujuyurkevitch)

It's a pleasure being part of this moment! #charlieturns1 #bdaycharlierose

JJ 🎀 (@jessica___johnston)

Dear Weather Gods- please replicate this weather next Sunday 🙏🏻 #charlieturns1 #pleaseRSVP👊🏽

🖤Brittany Lupi🖤 (@britt_lupi)

Happy 1st Birthday Charlie! We had so much fun celebrating you today! You are so loved!💕 @erica_claire #charlieturns1 #happybirthday #girlfriends

Karen Fergie (@karenjfergie)

When your big sister is taking over your birthday photo shoot! #maiseyandcharlie #charlieturns1 #cakesmash #diycakesmash #homemade #birthdaycake

Amanda (@mandabella9109)

Adorable hootabelle cupcakes at Charlies 1st bday today #hootabelle #1stbirthday #charlieturns1 #hootabelleparty