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Midweek grind

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just checking the time.

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Saw some pretty neat things in Chicago. πŸ‘€ #chitown #views #sunsets #photography #vscocam


Did a #helicopter #tour around #Chicago and it was πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯; my video didn't come out bad either. #chicity #chitown #scene #scenery

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nAh nAh (Free$tyle No Writtene) just dropped on my soundcloud produced by me. All on a galaxy S8 too 🀣. Listen and hit that like button kidz EVIIL SOCIETY ZAVAGE LIFE SHOUT OUT . LINK IN THE GOT DAMN BIO ALL MY HOMIES GIMME FEEDBACK REPOST TOO

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On the 17th day of my #juicefeast, I finally incorporated a beet juice. A simple and tasty recipe consisting of beets, carrots, apple, lemon and ginger. Once again, @noah_the_vegan like always, had his cake and ate it too between bribing me for a carrot and then some of my beet juice. On a lighter note I have another winner of the #JonnyJuicerWeek3 giveaway and it goes to @plantbased_ash! Between your picture witb tea and coloring and the 2 degree weather, It was almost unanamous considering I can totally relate! But I'll still be picking a new winner everyday so don't miss out on a chance to warm yourself to some medicinal @vimergy chaga tea! I'll leave quick easy steps below! #onelove❀️✌️ .
ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN CHAGA TEA!! Follow these easy steps below and make sure you're following us both!
1.) REPOST the GIVEAWAY picture from two days ago and tag @jonny_juicer and @vimergy
2.) TAG 2 friends on THE GIVEAWAY post
3.) POST a creative or scenic picture of your tea
4.) HASHTAG #jonnyjuicerweek3

Thats all! We will be announcing a new winner everyday until Sunday

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DEMON HORNS inspired by one of the greatest @juliuscaesar πŸ™ŒπŸΌ