Tina Morse (@tw_agencies)

Fluffy and Sparkly and Really really cute 💫 Two sizes, two colours, and perfect retail prices. Just a small part of our Christmas 2018 collection - give me a call to arrange an appointment to the rest of the range #twagencies #shrutidesigns #angel #fairy #fluffy #christmassparkle

SAMREEN (@samree_n)

December 2016.
I love the Christmas lights but dread Christmas music and products being rolled out in supermarkets 4 months early. 😑

Axis Tango Shoes (@axis_tango)

When in doubt, wear red! Spice up your dance outfit with this stunning pair. You definitely won't go unnoticed on the dance floor.

Festival Boho Handmade Design💃 (@despicabledaisy)

It might be just a wintery midweek for you, but for this smiley bundle of loveliness it marks the first of MANY 🎉Sparkly🎉 birthdays! #startasyoumeantogoon😁💃😎

David Hurrion (@davidhurrion)

Love these glitter-coated hippeastrum (amaryllis) #bulbs masquerading as #christmas baubles. Not only do they look decorative, but planted in pots of compost, they’ll grow and bloom too! Seen last week @ipmessen #christmasglitter #christmasgift #christmassparkle

What Mummy Sees (@whatmummysees)

As the days begin to get longer, here’s a throwback to the time when we didn’t mind the wet and cold because we had Christmas to look forward to! #isitsummeryet

Glass by Bryony | Bryony Lane (@glassbybryony)

Front door panel. If I was going to display this here permanently then I’d put metal hooks on each corner and a sucker on each so it didn’t clatter when you used the door. The suckers I supply are selected especially for their strength and reliability. As long as they are attached to a dry surface with no glass cleaner residue on.

Brooke Marie (@bebrooke)

I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m already missing the Christmas sparkle! #tbt
#christmassparkle #misschristmasalready #TLPrep2018