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Soy una autentica fan de @lush pero se que puede resultar algo abrumador elegir algo en el local. Es muy colorido, hay cosas lindas y divertidas por todos lados y los productos tienen el mismo packaging. Se me ocurrió hacer un VS de algunas de las soluciones de belleza que tiene la marca para ir orientándolos y que puedan tener una idea de lo que se ofrece😊 Hoy vamos con limpiadores faciales que probé:.-
. Let the good times roll🕺🏼: AMO. Es un hit, ideal para piel seca, tiene olor a café con leche (a mi parecer😛☕️) y deja la piel con una sensación de limpieza increíble y suavidad extrema. Saca incluso lo que el desmaquillante no pudo limpiar. Es algo exfoliante, para utilizarlo hay que poner en la palma de la mano parte del producto y con agua disolverlo levemente para después aplicarlo en el rostro.-
.Angels on bare skin👼🏻: misma textura que el anterior. Es espectacular para pieles más oleosas ya que tiene caolín que absorbe la grasa y la suciedad de la piel.-
.Herbalism🌿: misma textura que los anteriores. Ideal para pieles mixtas, cara limpia, suave y disminuye granitos.-
.Ultrabland👊🏼: es mas bien un desmaquillante, aunque podría usarse como limpiador fácil a mi parecer. Cumple su función y deja la piel suave pero la textura es rara, es como una especie de pasta/cera pesada que la utilizas con un algodón. Bueno para pieles más secas.-
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LD's OlBazaar (@hi.gwaps_beautyproducts)


a fresh scented facial wash, with excellent foaming quality that contains exfoliating, antiseptic, anti-fungal properties thats helps fight acne and hydrates the skin to have a smoother and healthy complexion. It also deeply cleanses the skin, remove surface oils, makeup and dirt. 💓💓 👌Procedure How to use Brilliant Facial Foam Cleanser
(Best for acne and whitens darkspots) 👉Wash your face to Remove dirt
👉Pump ample amount of the Product
👉Rub it gently to your Skin ☺️
👉Leave it for 3-5 mins. 👉Then Rinse
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🌺 Pure Moonlight Rose Floral Cleanser 🌺
I am so in love with this cleanser I couldn’t wait to try it finally got it today and instantly fell in love with it, it was also pretty big so I really liked that. It didn’t foam up so much it was a decent amount of foaming so it was nice overall I really loved it.
There are many benefits to this cleanser
• special care for lively skin by removing all the fine harmful elements in pores
• more quick and fresh deep cleansing! Take care of harmful elements and dead skin cells at once • hypoallergenic product with natural ingredients allows care free use for sensitive skin
• two different types of texture generates rich bubbles and removes dead skin cells by scrubbing the skin •cleansing foam with full moisture is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin, it forms skin barrier to prevent loss of moisture after washing. [ how to use: squeeze a small amount of your cleanser in to your palms. Apply the cleanser to your face using a circular motion. Massage your face and allow the cleanser to penetrate the skin for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water ] thank you 0.8L for letting me try this at a discounted price and thank you Bueno Meditech 🌺😍
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CatherineH (@catherinehermida)

What I did I gently massaged it on to my dry skin and then rubbed it in with lukewarm water until it got bubbly then washed it out with warm water,
It had like little leafs and also smelled so good. •Special care for livley skin hy removing all the fine harmful elements in pores. •Quick and fresh deep cleansing,takes care of harmful elements and dead skin cells at once. •Hypoallergenic product with natural ingredients allows carefree use for sensitve skin. •Two different types of texture generates rich bubbles and removes dead skin cells by scrubbing the skin. •Cleansing foam with full moisture is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
It was on the try now for $3.99 and I had to get it.
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💮MŌDERE💮 Live Clean by Elodie (@elodienmodere)

J'ai reçu ma propre commande 😁
hâte de pouvoir tester les produits 😎
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The more positive energy you have around you, the better you will feel about yourself. 😇

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Hai guys apa kalian masih mengalami yg nama'y berjerawat?
Mungkin kebanyakan orang yg berjerawat sudah gak percaya diri yah. Apalagi yg biasa beraktifitas keluar rumah pasti ada debu,polusi kendaraan,kepanasan dan lain-lain.
Nah untuk solusi jerawat dan bekas jerawat kami ada produk Melia Skincare yaitu :
-PLATINUM SERU,bahan aktif dari ekstrak berlian(diamond exctract)
-ANTI AGING WHITENING CREAM,bahan aktif dari ekstrak sutra(silk exctract)

Shannon Gibson (@shannon_gibson_mua)

If you love skincare that is customized to your own personal skin type, @savorbeauty is the way to go! Each step is numbered so you know exactly what to do when you get home, they made it so easy to remember! My favorite product from the whole line is their Caviar Eye Cream 😍😍 it’s to die for! Come in to @neimanmarcus @northparkcenter and let me walk you through the amazing skincare line and find the right regimen for you! 💋❤️
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Have you removed those make up on your face😡? Most times, soap and water dont get them off completely. Order for your cleanser 1000,1500,3000,5000. It removes dirts, oil, prevents breakout and helps get rid of dead skin cells when used over time. Trust me, our cleansers are best sellers. Click link in Bio or DM to order. Good night🙋


Double tap if you like what she does 😙❤️💋

Elizabeth Marie (@crooked_lush)

My favorite facial cleanser is Ultrabland. I love the soothing affects of the Rose and the hydrating almond oil in there. It works wonders for my irritation based acne and dry skin! Perfect for removing makeup too!
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Decisions, decisions...💕💕💕

Sab Vu (@sabmakeup90)

Elixir White Shiseido Purify Cleansing Foam
Brand: Shiseido
Origin: Japan
Key ingredients: This product contains refined Vitamin C granules which create rich foam for improving dull skin tone and bringing you fresh yet supple feeling. It removes dirt and excess sebum from the deep side of pores which help to smooth out rough skin texture. Blends with Collagen that prevents drying after cleansing, while maintaining the natural moisture of your skin.
Directions: wash your hand and wet your face. Squeeze out a pea-size amount of product onto your hand and rub your hands together to foam up. Apply the foam to your entire face. Rub the cleanser gently into your skin in a circular motion with your fingertips.
Review: I got this gem during my trip to Japan. A special thing about this product is you can get it in Japan ONLY. If you buy from any Shiseido stores elsewhere in the world, they don’t sell this. They have different versions catering to domestic market only. Unless you get it from Amazon or Ebay where the sellers ship directly from Japan to your country, repurchase may be an issue when you use it up.
I immediately fell in love with it the first time I tried it. The foam is so rich with just a small amount. It gives a cooling sensation right after I wash my face with it. My skin feels tight, smooth and fresh. My face looks brighter right after the wash but the effect is not so much in the long run. But you cannot ask for too much from a cleanser right? After all, it’s a superb product to cleanse and prep my face for the next step in my skincare routine. I just love it!
Verdict: 5/5
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