When the MDs are contradicting each other and they can't confirm if the problem will restrict me from indulging in one of the pursuits I'm passionate about... 😏 I just have to find out for myself.
Extremely happy to be in the underwater world again—definitely not giving this one up easily. Hoping for more diving opportunities. Whithersoever Providence wills. 🙏🏼

Su (@susoveja)


Laurie (@photosbylaurieanne)

Sharing one more of these, because that dress! 😍😍😍

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Día 26 de abril, despegar...


The saddest word in the language.
In any language.

Tea with Ada B. (@adabalag)

#350JollySmiles — Day 101 😊

Today's very important life lesson: blueberry & lavender ice cream is yummy! But it's not to be eaten it in public, that's all I'll say!! 😋 💜