piper & dash (@the_siberian_squad)

Is Tuesday over yet??? Let me know when it’s safe to come out! #princesspiper #babygirl

Bee 🐕 & Sputtrice 🐈 (@beettrice)

It’s been a while so I figured I’d post a mug shot of Sputtrice, the original #cashcow. 🐮 #beettrice

Orange And Gray Cat (@orangecatgraycat)

There is nowhere this adventure cat won’t go 😼👨🚀

Pepsi (The Cola Cat) Klassen (@pepsi_the_cola_cat)

Hey what’s goin on over there?!

Olle, Lillebror & Ferdinand (@olle.lillebror.ferdinand)

This post means a lot to us, because this week is Homeless Cats' Week here in Sweden, a great initiative created by @mjau_sverige.
We have over 100 000 homeless cats in our small country, so please give both them and all the amazing cat shelters a thought, and if you want to help please swish any amount, big or small, to +46735355570. Every single penny will be donated to @stockholmskatthem.
If you put your Instagram account in the Swish we will pick one lucky winner for a shout out!
Thank you in advance, furrends! 😺❤️