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Photo by @sinikilpikonna
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Meisha (@meishathecat)

how do I use this?

Nordic Leon Maine Coon Cattery (@nordicleonmainecoon)

Homepage is up to date ☺️🖤 link in bio. Check it out! 😍

Rocky (@thefatcatrocky)

I've always wanted to be an outdoor cat, but then I wouldn't be able chillax (get it it's chill and relax combined 😉)

June (@junethekitty)

My @poopycatofficial Taj Mahal matches with my eyes! 💙 Use the discount code 'june10' for 10% off your own Landmark. See link in bio! Tomorrow is the last day to use it!


DEXTER FUR MORGAN (@furdexter)

My mom would love to thank @madebycleo for your amazing customer service! Our first purchase was with them two years ago and it was this exact 'stormchaser' collar but I found a way to destroy it. 😹 To be able to purchase it again (it was no longer available on her website) along with her unique slide tag (not pictured) definitely made us the happiest customer! I'll try and let mom take a photo of my new collar soon and show you all!😸#madebycleo #catcollar


Yez, I iz comfortablez🦐

Biju and Yuma🐶🐶 (@biju_and_yuma_samoyeds)

Luca and Mila now have their own IG account!🐱🐱 You can follow them on this account: @sirluca_and_ladymila

Bardot (@catbardot)

Cleaning myself before napping 🤗