A Distinctive Style (@adsmagazine)

Have you ever knocked on wood for good luck? That superstition may have originated with primitive peoples who believed benevolent spirits lived in the trees.

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Brady Butler (@butler_fit)

During my off days, I like to do some mobility and core work. But to do that requires a warm up, and I’m not running any laps in my neighborhood when it’s 12 degrees and snowing. So instead, I pick some simple movements and repeat them for a few minutes. Easy money. Then my mobility work is more effective because I’m not working with cold muscles. Best way to use your “off” days is to get ready for your “on” days. @beaststrengthtraining
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Emily Frankel (@emilyhitstheroad)

Today is the first day I haven’t taken a photo while traveling. So instead, here’s a photo from about a week ago in honor of the blizzard I’m missing back home❄️

Chris Jones (@shotbytherobot)

Once I look on the back of my camera nd say that could be an album cover, I know I got the shot

Jennifer Vega Photography (@jvegaphoto)

when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I...

Skyler Pradhan | Photography (@skylerpradhan)

Unintentionally spooked him but it made for a cool pic

Celisa Bryant (@celisalyn)

Dave’s version of Vrksasana (tree pose) while standing on a rounded block of ice. He’s very talented and a little dumb too! #icecastles #dilloncolorado #yogaonice #yoga #treepose