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hello, my name is jayna and i will be running this account for a little while. flor and I are close friends and she kindly asked me to run her account for a bit. im not completely sure how long ill be on here, and to be completely honest i have no idea what im doing lol. flor is okay and she will be back in due time. but yeah just let me know what kind of stuff you want me to post and I got you covered. I am a 1D stan, have been for 6 years so don't worry about me not knowing these humans. they've done their fair share of ruining my life as well lol. thank you, and im sorry I cant be as cool as flor 😂

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Splash of color to elevate a dim world.
Charlie Chaplin did this through his films. ❤️ elkolives.com | link in our bio.

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Rose Gold Dreams ✨✨✨