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// always wanted paradise ⏫❗️🤕

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Business Owners Make Sure Your Business Is Aligned With Your Mission, Strengths, & Passion. #passion #purpose #intentional #innovative #gogetter #instagood #instadaily #like4like #share4share #comment4comment

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Warning! ⚠️⚠️⚠️
🚫Storage has reached full capacity🚫
God desperately desires to unfold the mysterious of himself but he's wondering How? And Where? We've become so filled up with clutter that God is looking for souls that's willing to empty themselves out, decrease themselves just so that HE could be increased. God wants to flow within every nook and cranny of our lives but he's wondering " WHERE WOULD I FIT" I prayed out God we need more of you- HE said how? Where would I fit? It's no room for me! A lot of us aren't willing to give up our lives just so that we may have an everlasting life in heaven. We live in the now! But your life is a like vapor. One minute here next minute your gone. God needs room to flourish and blossom within us to unfold the many mysterious of HIMself to us but he will forever be a rose bud in some of our lives.. awaiting on that moment to fully open up. Make room for God! Empty out your storage.


Wait for summer... ☀️🏕️

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Wtf Normani and Val came 3rd place. BS!!! And Lmao Lauren and Dinah's faces. Rigged!! I'm disappointed. Normani and Val came 3rd place. Just look at everyone's reaction. Everyone's shook. I'm SHOOK. They should've won or at least came 2nd place. 🙄😒 #LaurenJauregui #DinahJane #AllyBrooke #TeamValMani #FifthHarmony #DWTS


Dirty ass mirror