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Until science can clone the passionate and dedicated Pilates team found at Equinox Yorkville- we must search for more superstars to join us. Isn’t that right @deemiconi @sukushu @ireneyv @pilatesbodyworkout
Follow the link to learn more and apply or dm.
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Some gliding glute and hamstring work = my favorite
Lateral slide lunge - using a gliding disc or, as pictured here, a towel

Set up with legs parallel, ball of right foot on towel — send hips back into a squat as you slide towel out to the side with straight leg — keep abs engaged and spine long — return to standing by driving into standing heel; don’t let the standing knee push forward or move! think about slight lift to hips FIRST so that you engage from the glutes and hamstring to stand — the focus here is on the standing glute and hamstring.
Repeat until 😩 #equinoxmademedoit #committosomething #eqxbestbuttever #itsnotfitnessitslife #gluteworkout #glutes #bootyworkout #glidingdiscs #gliderworkout

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Tossed the big bell to the big guy. Developed focus, trust, timing, coordination, balance, teamwork, strength and a whole bunch of other things while having FUN. Keep training hard, but seriously, keep it fun. #kettlebellpartnerpassing #sfg #committosomething #eqxlacosta #40KG

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@kitchfix you are saving my LIFE right now! 13 hours at work but thankfully I had shrimp arrabbiata with zucchini noodles ready for lunch (27gP/18gC/7gF) and this amazing Mongolian beef and broccoli (35gP/33gC/35gF) pictured here. #Whole30

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These are some of my favorite core exercises using gliding discs! If you want more, come see me at Equinox-River Oaks on Thursday’s at 5pm for Best Abs Ever! .
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#whoisshe ? // I don’t want you to comment on my appearance. It’s not about that. It’s how POWERFUL I feel & am. I was losing a battle, I was losing my life. I can sit here and blame everyone else, but I did it to myself. I failed for years. After losing everything I decided I was ready to rewrite my story.

Fitness is my passion & form of recover from more than #bulimia. It started with @bodybuildingcom vids I would try to do @equinox when I couldn’t even do a bicep curl.

It was never my lack of experience at the gym or in business. It was my lack of DETERMINATION & CONFIDENCE☝🏻(determination to do what we need to be successful)

Anyone can have a nice body. Never in my mind did I ever think I could love myself, let alone have the confidence I do now. Was it hard? Yeah. But it’s been worth every small step, big step, all the steps.

I don’t want to be known for how strong I was.. so I no longer overflow my feed with posts about my past with my eating disorder. I want to be know for how strong I am in making others strong (mentally & physically). I want others to being to understand that they can win in life, inside, outside the gym or anywhere & in anything. I’m doing it & so can’t you 👊🏻💪🏻Life comes around once & y’all I’m #basically just getting started

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I remember when you first started, look at yah now. Rockstar Status✨

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Do you have something you’re committed to?

I get a lot of questions on how I can be so committed to living a healthy lifestyle. How I can continue to exercise even when working full-time, commuting an hour and raising 2 children.

Over the next several days I will be sharing my top ways to stay committed!

#1 is proper progression in my exercise program. One of the top reasons people end up quitting is because their program gets too hard, too fast making it less enjoyable.

What’s the fix????????? Start with stabilization (planks, bridges, quadruped) and strength endurance (light resistance with 1-4 sets of 12-20 reps) exercises. Or a combination of walking and light jogging. By doing this your body is able to recover better and build the proper foundation it needs to continue. “Most people fail not because of lack of desire, but because of lack of commitment.” - Vince Lombardi
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Proud of my man Gianni who’s been working with me for about 7 months now. Today were all high water marks on Squat, Deadlift and Bench- which were a culmination of a 7 month build up. Of course at 3 RM levels there was some form compensation and reverting back to his old ways. Extension through the lumbar, knock knee on the right side, and hips popping up a bit on the bench. So what we do at this point? Go back to the high rep work , reinforce the proper foundation , now with more weight and other variables, and next time these 3 RMs should be crushed with even more load and efficiency.
Regardless, for a 19 year old, he’s got tons of promise ahead of himself with 1 RM estimates of : 205lb Bench, 235lb Squat and 275lb Deadlift.

PAIGE COLE (@the.paige.cole)

Why is it that 92 percent of people who set New Year’s Resolutions never achieve their goals? My thought is that they are genuinely inspired, but their endgame needs work. Inspiration and perspiration are very different cards to play while building a strategic business plan. The wining ticket: Knowing and creating a solid long-term goal is where the hard work really begins.

Joanna C. (@builtbyketo)

Just yesterday I was having a conversation with someone about this. It’s rare to see a multitude of black and brown faces in the health fitness industry. Information is information, no matter who it comes from, but we’ve all learnt that representation matters. I wish I could attend this, but my class conflicts with this. It’s free, so if you’re interested in having this conversation, the details are below. Plus my awesome group fitness instructor trainer, @ayoungwayoflife is one of the panelists. #Repost @ayoungwayoflife with @get_repost
From racial disparities in health outcomes to a booming wellness industry that caters almost exclusively to white, wealthy people, wellness should be accessible to everyone but too often isn't. Please join me alongside an amazing panel for @selfmagazine’s first event of the year—a (totally FREE!) evening of guided meditation from MNDFL (@mndflmeditation) and a discussion about self-care and self-advocacy amidst institutional barriers. Please .
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🦈Dude, you’re thinking about it all wrong 🤷‍♂️
🔥Fitness needs to be fun, challenging, and part of your life, not consume it. It also means you probably Don’t have time to workout like when you were 20 years old👇
💪🏻I’m married, have a little daughter and work long days. That means I don’t have time to workout multiple hours during the week. And this is why I created this FREE 7-day course.👇
💪🏻After going though al the motions of a tired new Dad I quickly learned how to create a plan that worked without spending hours in the gym. This is how I created the 7-day course👇
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✅ 3 Full Body Workouts designed to burn fat and build muscle in less time. ( 30 Minute Workouts )
✅ My secret to morning success that helps me crush the day and accomplish my daily goal .
✅Nutrition Tips to optimize your energy .
✅7 Days Of accountability emails and coaching from me to keep you on track. It’s like I’m right there by your side for an entire week.
🦈Get yours now! Link in bio👇
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#Repost @equinox・・・
Have you tried #EQXTheMuse?
🕊️️ In our newest dance-cardio class, train like a dancer with an athletic edge as you use light 💪🏼 weights to boost your burn. #OnlyatEQX #EQXVancouver #groupfitness #committosomething #itsnotfitnessitslife