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Don't take this quote the wrong way!! This is not freedom for you to do whatever you want because you are going to come in for criticism regardless. If something is wrong, if you hurt someone or make a rash decision than the criticism is justified!

What this quote IS about however is the fact that you WILL face criticism. If you're pushing boundaries and trying new things, this is always going to sit funny with some people so, criticism can be a positive sign. Constructive criticism, if you are open to receiving it, is also a very useful tool in self development as it allows you to see other perspectives.

Don't be afraid of criticism. You'll never please all the people all the time so, do what needs to be done despite your critics, just don't ignore them entirely 😉 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #develop #selfreview #critic #hatersgonnahate

Communication Is King (@communication_is_king)

I'm all about communication as you might have guessed. The simplest form of communication for most of us is simply talking to someone.

Imagine a world where we never spoke to anyone? Imagine how much we would miss out on, how many things we would wish someone knew or that we knew.

Communication can be complicated but don't forget the simple things, talk to people, lots of people but especially those people closest to you both personally and professionally. 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #communicate #talk #listen

Communication Is King (@communication_is_king)

Not much needs to be said about this one! Smile, enjoy the little things, enjoy the big things, enjoy what is coming and enjoy what has been. Life is all about being happy and this happiness is infectious!

Smile at people you know, smile at people you don't. Spread your happiness and you will feel the people around you doing the same.

A smile from you may well make someone's day today and if you're lucky, on those days you need a smile, someone will give you one right back!
Share the love ♥️ 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #love #happiness #buddha

Communication Is King (@communication_is_king)

Growth, discovery, success - these all come from trying new things. If you do the same thing today as you did yesterday, you'll get the same results.

Do something MORE every day. Make today better than yesterday in some way because step by step, this is how you change your life and/or reach your goals.

Remember, just 1% better each day means over 3700% growth in a year. That means 37 times what you started with and that's just one year!

One step at a time!! 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #explore #discover #success #growth

Communication Is King (@communication_is_king)

The pride we feel for the people we care about, the strength their love brings and courage we show in order to protect them are often more powerful than anything we can muster for ourselves.

Ultimately, this life is all about the people we share it with. Find those people who make your life worth living and never let them go. Let their strength support you and drive you toward your dreams as you push them toward theirs.

The only thing that feels better than reaching your goal is reaching it with those you love around you ♥️ 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #love #team #dream #strength #courage

Communication Is King (@communication_is_king)

So sad to hear Stephen Hawking died today.

I can't imagine how the world would be if we didn't have all the things this man brought to it.

His mind was superior to most to begin with it would seem but, with having no choice but to spend all his time inside his head, he developed a mind that may never be equalled. His desire to share his knowledge and the grace with which he did it was beautiful.
Let him be the ultimate reminder that no matter what people say you can and can't do, your life is what YOU make it.

Rest in peace and may your journey of discovery continue ✌🏻 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #stephenhawking #legend #keepondiscovering

Communication Is King (@communication_is_king)

We think we know ourselves and we think we know what we are capable of but, chances are, you are capable of so much more!

It's the bad things in life that test us. They test our resolve, our character, our beliefs and our physical being but these tests are what allow us to learn about our strengths and show them to the world.

Think back to all the bad things you've survived. You wouldn't have chosen for them to happen but I bet you can see how you have grown because of them!

Don't fear the challenges in life, they are part of the process. Rise up and face them head on, show everyone, including yourself, just what you're made of! 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #challenge #fear #grow #onemansdream

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I don't usually post "Unknown" quotes but I really think this one is important.

I talk a lot about self-review and adaptability. It's important that after reviewing and adapting, you trust yourself. If you KNOW your worth and trust that what you are doing is right and worthwhile, just because someone else doesn't see it doesn't mean your value decreases or that you're wrong.
A good example is money. Imagine a £10 note, a $10 bill or a 10€ note. The worth is fixed and in their own economies, no matter what state they are in, this worth is recognised. In another economy, somewhere its worth isn't recognised this note might be overlooked especially if its dirty, crumpled or torn. It's still worth what it always was but this means more in some circumstances than others.
Know your worth and know that another's opinion DOES NOT reduce it. 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #work #value #wealth #confidence

Communication Is King (@communication_is_king)

Trying something new is always brave. There will always be risks and yes, it might fail but that alone shouldn't stop you trying.

The biggest killer of our dreams? Our own doubts. Be rational, if it's a risk you shouldn't take because you have relevant experience and know it's too risky then fine, but don't let the fact that something completely unrelated failed put you off something new.

Just because your boat sank doesn't mean you can't build a plane... 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #nevergiveup #trysomethingnew #success #believe

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The power of the mind is immense. Whether this power is used in a way which makes you strong and happy or weak and sad IS in your control.

It is fact that what you fill your mind with will shape you and it is fact that you have ultimate control over what you fill your mind with.

Bear this in mind and make sure bad thoughts are cancelled out with good, a lack of knowledge is filled with education and negativity is drowned by positive thoughts.

I believe this is entirely in your control and although simple, you will never hear me say it's easy. Remember, simple is the opposite of complicated, not the opposite of hard.

Find your balance and achieve your dreams! 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #balance #control #mindfulness #happiness

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"Who dares wins"

Made famous by the British SAS, this is the perfect motto to remind you that sometimes you HAVE to take that chance.

Be brave, be bold. 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #sas #brave #bold

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Sometimes it's the belief that you can do it that gives you the strength to do it.

Peter Pan had it right, it's the doubt about flying that means you'll never fly.

He wasn't the only one to think of it either, Alanis Morissette said how ironic it was that the person too afraid to fly would never know the joy of landing.

Don't be your own worst enemy, believe you can and you can! 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #control #fly #peterpan #alanismorissette #ironic

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I talk about being strong a lot. Mentally and physically we strength as an asset and it is.

Sometimes though, true strength is knowing when to give, when to bend rather than break. This might mean picking your battles, letting something slide in order to focus on something else, allowing something small to affect you in order to prevent something bigger.

Leadership is all about decision making but sometimes we forget to apply these decision making skills to our own lives. Think about where you need to be flexible in the short term to help you with your long term goals.

Remember, being flexible isn't giving up on anything, it isn't admitting defeat, it's simply a combination of self preservation and playing a few moves ahead rather than focusing only on the here and now. 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #benddontbreak #flexibility #longgame #learnfromnature

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This is so important.

Enlightenment is a big word but think of it as being able to live your life without the weight of the world bearing down on you. Personal enlightenment is about understanding what is best for you, what allows you to live this kind of life.

True enlightment is when you can also see, feel and allow other people to walk their own paths. Help them find their way, this will in turn you help you.

Yours is rarely the only way and just because it is the best way for you, doesn't mean it is the best way for everyone or even anyone else! 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #path #enlightenment #paulocoelho

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Everything was done for the first time once. Up until that point, it seemed impossible.

It's amazing how much we rely on seeing something in order to believe it. Imagine the physics involved with the bikes in this picture, until you see this in real life, riders' elbows touching the track, you'd think it impossible.

We say: "I hear, I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand" but who is to say seeing has to be physical? We can see things in our minds, turn dreams into goals and goals into realities - be a pioneer, be the first, be the one to do something everyone else thought impossible or maybe hadn't even thought about at all! 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #dream #impossible #pioneer #first #entrepreneur #tesla

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🎶 "Keep your head up, keep your heart strong" 🎶

Sometimes it really is that simple. Personally this is a great song to remind myself that life is just a game and realistically, if your head is up and your heart is strong, you're winning.

Keep your eyes open for those around you who might need a hand keeping their heads up and lend a hand - we're always stronger together. 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #head #heart #strong #benhoward

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A simple quote, a simple piece of advice to live your life by.

Shakespeare was so far ahead of his time, his relevance today is even more profound.

This is how you keep a quality circle that will support you on your way to success, do it the William way! 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #love #trust #wrong #williamshakespeare #lifelessons #friend

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Be real. Be true. Be honest. Be you.

What these things mean to you will be different from what they mean to me and what they mean to you today, will be different from what they will mean a year from now.

No matter what changes, always be you. Having people like a persona will only last so long and at the end of it all, you will always be left with the real you.

Tupac is quoted as saying that the realist people have the fewest friends and he commented on how we love people for being fake and hate people for being real - keep your circle small and true and never fear being hated for being you, Tupac knew what he was saying!! 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #tupac #love #real #beyou #betrue

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Sometimes you feel like everything is going wrong, like the world is against you. Just remember, storms pass. No matter how bad they feel at that moment, they pass.

You don't get a rainbow without a little rain. Sometimes storms clear a path, they might be crazy in the short term but the lest thing in the long term.

Be strong 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #strong #storm #rainbow #dance #rain

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Quoted a thousand times but for good reason. Never forget that the longest journey begins with the smallest step.

You will never achieve your dreams if you don't take that first step, however small. It is your duty to take the step, your duty to yourself because not taking it is the only way to guarantee failure. 🌱 🌿 🌳 🌏 💪🏻 #communication_is_king #understanding_is_everything #laotzu #journey #classic #bold