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WHERE ARE MY L.A. PEOPLE? Registration is only $20 and free if you have Stop Stuff Gear <--BUT YOU MUST REGISTER. First stop is LA: October 5, 2017. More to come and Vanguard Panels will be announced shortly...and they are dope AF #snm #stopstuff #losangeles #cali #california #beverlyhills #vanguard #dope #woke #change #community #fun #BeYourself #changetheworld @seannenmurray #StevieWonder 🌎🙏🏿🖤🙏🏿 @seannenmurray

Of The Earth Magazine (@oftheearthmag)

Costa Rica will become the first country to ban single-use plastic to protect our ocean. 💚How can you help? We'd say, book your ticket! Supporting tourism will increase gov't revenue that can be used to fund the agencies responsible for this initiative. 👍🏽 #costarica #oftheearth #sustainableliving

a social self-care movement (@prescriptionselfcare)

Ever open your phone up, hop on insta and immediately feel crappy? Or flip on the news and feel your mood sink watching what is unfolding on our planet? Self-care may mean setting boundaries and knowing when to remove yourself from detremential situations. Today's community lead brings us a self-care tip we ALL need. It may be easier said than done but try it on..even just for a while! Happy Hump Day #selfcare always @fitnursepreneur!

Women Without Borders (@wwbvoices)

We have heard your desire to meet up and we are coming to Lucknow, India!
If you live in Lucknow or are close enough to get there, send us a message on Facebook @wwbvoices!! This event will be exclusively for WWB members.
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VO2Max GarageFit (@vo2maxgaragefit)

Want to meet the ladies behind this program?! Then join us Wednesday August 23rd at 12pm where @janine_shillington and @climbingamountain will be coaching a live bootcamp at the track (at the comp school in gp)! If you aren't signed up yet this is a great opportunity to try out a class and ask any questions you may have!! And if you are signed up we want to meet you!! For those of you who aren't in gp don't worry this class will be streaming LIVE do you can join in too !! See you all tomorrow!! #vo2maxgaragefit #livebootcamp #gptrack #community #fitfamily #getreadytogetyourbuttkicked

a social self-care movement (@prescriptionselfcare)

Marlie @kale_and_krunches // I am a Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer and I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their optimal health. I like to focus on what we feed ourselves with both on and off our plates. From food, and physical activity, to our careers and spirituality, I truly believe it is our day-to-day lifestyle that is integral to creating overall balance and wellness in our lives. I also love to share my day-to-day healthy living tips, favourite feel-good products and hottest workouts on social media under my alias @kale_and_krunches.
As a personal trainer and health coach, my job is to make sure my clients are feeling their absolute best and I like to lead by example. If we want to be successful in any realm of life - career, relationships, physical health - taking care of ourselves has to come first. #youfor30

a social self-care movement (@prescriptionselfcare)

Marlie @kale_and_krunches // Take a one-day technology/social-media detox. I recognize this is a bigger deal for some people than others but if you find you are glued to your phone or are constantly scrolling on Instagram, try shutting it off for one day. It's amazing how liberating it can feel and how much you can connect to yourself and those around you. As a blogger it requires a little more pre-planning and organization since Instagram is a huge part of my job but when I do get the chance to take a "mental vacation," I come back with so much more focus, clarity and appreciation. #youfor30

Via Mutiara Sari (@viaapio)

Hallo semua!! Dalam rangka merayakan hari Raya Idul Adha 1438 H, kami keluarga besar Sebung Bandung mengajak teman-teman semua, untuk ikut berpartisipasi dalam acara:

Sebung Rame-rame Berbagi Spesial Edisi Berkurban
Hari : Minggu, 3 September 2017
Waktu. : 20.00 - selesai WIB
Tempat : Taman sejarah
Teman-teman bisa berpartisipasi dengan cara:
*Donasi uang (bank transfer) *Menyumbangkan daging qurba

Donasi :
Rek BNI: 1549-01-031284-50-5 a.n M. Syamil. Azman
Rek BCA: 77-711-905-22 a.n I made. Bayu. Padmaditya

Konfirmasi transfer:
Aulia Hanifah
(WA, Line, SMS)
Informasi lebih lanjut hubungi:
Ilham Gifar Al-rasyid
Telepon : 081802279626
Email :
Website :

Jadi tunggu apalagi? Yuk kita ukir kebahagiaan di hari raya ini dengan mereka yang membutuhkan, karena qurban lebih berarti jika dilakukan untuk berbagi, bukan untuk pribadi.
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Three Ravens (@threeravenssf)

Starting Sept 11th!!!
We are super excited to announce that our gallery will host the incredible @elainebrotherton teaching bilingual art, urban gardening, and music/storytelling:
Mon-weds-fri 10am-1pm.

Check out our website and social media on Thursday for full details, age groups, times of each classes, and how to enroll your little raven. Awesome introductory rates too! 💜
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Refined Heart Living (@refinedheartliving)

A short study on Ruth will be coming to the blog this week! ✨Ruth is one of my favorite books of the Bible! I have studied the book many times and as I was revisiting Ruth this morning with my @thedailygraceco Daughters of Grace study, I was feeling convicted to share more of my heart on the book. I will write a few part series sharing what the Lord is teaching me and what we can learn from Ruth. •
The book of Ruth is a beautiful story filled with providence, lovingkindness, grace, loss, initiative, hurt, waiting, following God, loyalty, refuge, rest, blessing, favor, generosity and great joy. As Francine Rivers says on Ruth, "She gave up everything, expecting nothing, and God honored her." Despite losing her husband, leaving her family & home country, working hard in the fields, waiting while struggling as a widow, God had favor on her, provided for her and blessed her. “May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.” -Ruth‬ ‭2:12‬ 💕 (

8 DAYS TO GO to Pre-register! We have LIMITED SLOTS to offer, Go and grab it! 👌 --- LGAC and ef. STUDIOS DANCE BLOCK



Director & Head Choreographer of Team Magnolia
International Choreographer from South Korea

September 24, 2017 (Sunday)

First Class: 05.00 pm –06.30 pm
Second Class: 07.00 pm –08.30 pm --- CLASS RATES *Pre-registration discounted rates*

1 Class – Php 1,000.00*
2 Classes – Php 1,800.00*

Student Rate: Php 900.00 (must provide recent proof of enrollment)

Group Rate: Php 900.00 per head (minimum of 10 pax)
Walk-in Rate – Php 1,500.00 per class


Step 1: Sign up here:

Step 2: Wait for our confirmation via SMS and email.

Step 3: Go the venue at least an hour early before your preferred class schedule.

Make sure to bring the following: (a) Proof of Payment, (b) Confirmation Message

Step 4: Enter the studio and enjoy the class! :) FOR WALK-IN

Walk-in slots are not guaranteed; LGAC and ef.Studios Dance Block will observe a first-come, first-served rule. To ensure slots, we highly suggest that you pre-register.

Step 1: Registration. Please come at least an hour earlier to give way to the registration process.

Step 2: Payment. Kindly prepare Php 1,500.00.

Step 3: Enter the studio and enjoy the class! :) --- For further inquiries, please contact LEAH GONZALES at 0906 407 8413

EXCITED TO DANCE WITH YOU! :) #HaeniKimInMNL #LGAC #efstudiosdanceblock #commUNITY

Scottsdale Lifestyle Magazine (@scottsdalelifestylemag)

Scottsdale Lifestyle is inspired by community... tell us what inspires you ! Tag and share with friends ! We need some inspiration 🌟 .

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🔥MUAYTHAI🔥HIIT🔥KICKBOXING🔥 (@bikinibods_academy)

What we need to realise in life, is that life will never be a smooth journey 🌊
It is important to have high expectations, but not everything works out according to our plan.
Sometimes the things that never happened in our plan was the best thing that ever happened to us 💫
Everything happens for a reason, Gods got your back, he knows what's best for you & only he can make positive outcomes come from your failures. 🙏🏼
You can stress less in life & be assured that know matter what, what ever happens is the best outcome for you ✨
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Gannon University (@gannonu)

It's time to start a new day. A new semester. A new year full of possibilities. ⚔️ What are you most looking forward to, Knights? #gannon #gupossibilities •••
[Watch full videos with more of our first-year students on Facebook!]

All Areas Speech Pathology (@aaspeech)

Out in the community for Speech Pathology Week 2017.

More Key Word signing with the educators and children at Toukley Preschool. We used our key signs while singing "Old McDonald" and "The wheels on the bus". We also discussed different ways to communicate and how gesture/Key Word Sign can be an important way of sharing a message.
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