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Boom 💪🏻 Compound movement involves full body engagement. Come experience the focused work you need on your core, glutes, thighs & arms. $12 for class this Saturday for our New Year’s Social Event! 3 barre classes and 2 cycle/barre classes 🧘🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♂️ Sign up in link in bio above!
Make sure to stay and snack on local goodies and sips. #boulderlife #boulderfitness #saturdayvibes #tryusout #somethingnew #bebold #compoundmovements #exercise #barre #cycle #doitdaileyboulder #daileymethodboulder #livingadaileylife @chasenandstone @emmapie_808 @thebloommethod

Gehrig (@dumbbellrowe)

Today was Shoulder day and got 150 for 10 on Barbell Overhead Press (Seated) which is a PR. Not alot of weight tbh because I don't work Barbell Overhead enough but some improvement. I can do the same weight 3x10 with Dumbbells. Before that did Bench Press and got 280 1x2 hoping to get 3 but didn't have it.

Squats got 3x1 with 405 yesterday just to get some hevay weight in and the depth was very good.

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¤ Hey All! 😊
¤ Here's a short clip of me from last night at zee gym. Trying to incorporate more compound movements that work the majority of the muscles in the body. This one is such a good burn!! I had to record it a good 5 times because my camera kept moving me out of screen 😂 But got in a good extra few sets so I'm not mad about it 😋🔥 This was at the very end of my workout by the way 👌
¤ Anyone recommend some good compound movements? Comment below 💕⬇️
¤ Song > Drake - Headlines .

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Come and lift in a safe, fun and friendly environment.
Olympic Weightlifting - Snatch, Clean & Jerk helps to improve your strength, speed, agility, power, flexibility and accuracy. That's 6 components of fitness! Get these movements into your workouts!

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Don't be afraid to lift ladies! If you aren't already familiar with how to get started then get professional help so you can torch calories and train the legitimate compound movements to really tone the body like my client Jess does! #lifting #squats #fitchicks #fitchicks #trainer #coach #personaltrainer #weights #compoundmovements #bootyworkout #buildabooty #414 #brookfield #wauwatosa #trainer #gym #results

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Act like a lady. 💋 Lift like a boss. 💪🏼

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📆Weekends are where most of us fall off our nutrition and training. It doesn't have to be!
📝With my online body transformation clients we don't just give them a plan & that's it. .
👊🏽We like to make sure you are ready and accounted for any obstacles to come. .
🌯🌮In this case we've adjusted nutrition to make sure that the weekend doesn't ruin the week's progress .
🙋🙋🏽‍♂️ If you need help, accountability, and guidance and are ready to transform your body, Send me a message or click the link in bio

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Boulder Shoulders 🗿
Delts have been something that I rarely trained and was very fortunate to have thanks to good ol genetics. Not everyone is so lucky though...
Barbell #overheadpress in my opinion is the best exercise to build strength and size in those shoulders!
#StrictPress in particular completely isolates the entire delts because of the lack of momentum. 🏋️️‍♂️
#PushPress is different, but does have its benefits. It allows you to press more weight above your head because of leg drive and can help improve explosive power 💥
Regardless of what your goals are, incorporate multiple different movements and train the muscle groups that you want to improve more frequently than others 👌🏼 aightttt time to eat 😛🍗🍳🥓🍖

Christopher (@hammis1984)

Deadlift(500lbs x 1 repetition Max)
This has been the biggest compound lift. Goal ive been progressively working towards & today was the day. Form needs a little work but im so fucken pumped about pulling this and locking it out. Grinding day in and day out for that muscle and strength. ::Achievement Unlocked::
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Carlos Barbera (@cbarbera27)

Rutina de hoy: Movimientos compuestos (Compound moves), 6 ejercicios en total que para personas como yo que estamos empezando se recomiendan al menos 2 veces por semana.

Todos los ejercicios deben ser realizados en primer lugar de la forma correcta (indispensable) y con el peso adecuado que les permita realizar toda las series y las repeticiones elegidas, ejemplo 4X6, 3X8, 3X12, etc.

1.- Squats con barra: Idealmente deberían poder llegar completamente hasta abajo, manteniendo la espalda recta y sintiendo el peso en las piernas y glúteos al subir.

2.- Deadlifts con barra: Al igual que el ejercicio anterior la espalda tiene que permanecer recta y al subir el peso tienen que sentir el esfuerzo en las piernas y glúteos y no en la espalda baja, si así fuera deben bajar el peso a la barra porque les puede causar una lesión, ya que estarían poniendo mucha presión en la espalda que no es recomendable.

3.- Bench press: Asegurense que los pies queden colocados lo mas atrás posible para que la espalda baja se arquee y no toque el banco, además los codos deberían estar apuntando hacia abajo cuando subimos la barra. No olviden mantener la forma y respirar durante todo el movimiento.

4.- Press Military: Esta es una versión de este ejercicio en la que se sune la barra desde la parte superior de los muslos con un movimiento que nos permita llevarla hasta el pecho y de ahí hasta encima de la cabeza. Es muy importante que la espalda permanezca derecha y que al llegar la barra arriba de nuestras cabezas, inclinemos el cuello ligeramente hacia adelante. La barra debe alinearse con nuestra espalda.

5.- Barbell Row: Nuevamente lo principal es mantener la espalda derecha e incluso puede ir un poco arqueada hacia adentro, pero nunca hacia afuera o arriba porque puede causar lesiones.
6.- Pull ups con peso: Como pueden ver mi gimnasio está en plena expansión y todavía no tengo todos los equipos o accesorios necesarios, así que hay que improvisar a veces 😂😂 #homegym #snowingday #compoundmovements #raleighnc #traininghard #sodastereo #musicaparaentrenar

Puru Malik (@puru_malik)

So I was experimenting with the turkish get up this morning which got me into reading its benefits and man are they huge!
It looks deceivingly calm and intense, and I don’t quite have the technique on point yet but if you happen to try it out, be sure to break it down into smaller movements first.
#compoundmovements #superexercise #functionalfitness #trainthemindandthebodywillfollow #360training #maxcontrol #forfuturegains #strengthisaskill

Andros Pedroza (@atpfittness)

Prepare the mind and body. Warm-up and then lift some weights 😎.
Focused on getting stronger in all aspects but more so my posterior chain specifically my upper and middle back (latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, lower traps). A bonus on a few of these exercises is the fact that I'm also strengthening the hamstring muscle group (back of the thigh) 😁.

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How do I add more size and strength to my back❓🤔 This is a question I get asked a lot by people at the gym. The answer? HEAVY COMPOUND LIFTS 🏋️️‍♂️

➡️ If more mass and size are your goals then there’s no way around it. Isolation exercises aren’t going to do anything in the long run for your gains. •

➡️Besides the deadlift, one of the best exercises you can add into your program are T-BAR ROWS. Your hands face each other so it is biomechanically the strongest position you can be in and it allows you to really throw on some weight. •

➡️Perform with 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions and watch your strength and size shoot through the roof 💪. •

✅Pro tip- use smaller weight plates but more of them in order to ensure a greater range of motion. •

Instagram- @cmcgeefit
Message for more details about training programs. Serious inquiries only.

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