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#DO GOOD....no need for a 100 likes on this post just consider it..
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Angie (@hipp_fit)

Been a long day. So yesterday I had pizza! I mean sometimes you have to. It's all in moderation! But I got my workout and no guilt. Keep going! It's about how you feel mentally as well as physicality

Brooke Ceslak (@brookeceslak)

GUESS WHAT I FOUND while searching through my old photos on my computer?!
My BEFORE photo!

I have struggled with acne for 14 years (YES... since I was 8!!!). I started breaking out in the 3rd grade! 😣
I was self conscious and had low self esteem, not only from being uncomfortable in my own skin, but from being bullied, too. I had gotten multiple prescriptions and saw a dermatologist, but nothing worked!
In high school, I caked on makeup to try and cover it... Everyone knows the volcanoes and mountains all over my face didn't look any better and just made my skin break out more.
Thankfully, I now have control of my skin (only a bit of scarring left!) and got rid of a SCAR on my leg after 5 uses AND helped my mom drop 10 YEARS off her skin (ANTI-AGING) within a week all with the SAME product! I don't have time to use 3-5 different products for one skin condition. Lol.
Who would have thought ONE BOTTLE could help with almost any skin issue!? I'm so much happier now and if you haven't noticed already... I am a strong, extremely confident and determined, don't-mess-around kind of woman! 👊
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Saylor (@supercartoongal)

Before and after pic of my teeth bleaching procedure. All taken on the same day. I feel that my self confidence has boosted tremendously. I have always been embarrassed with my teeth due to the brace lines and the chipped enamel I had, but thanks to four rounds of bleach, that no longer exists. However, I am in a lot of pain. My mouth is aching and my gums are tender, but all we need to remember is that beauty is pain. 💉😬

Silvy (@santonelli06)

#Facechange #Friday

A picture can say a thousand words!
The one on the left I was pretending to be happy🙁! The one on the right I AM HAPPY😃!!!!! I have a long journey to go but this is why I take pictures often, to remind me of where I used to be and I NEVER want to go back!!! #CONFIDENT