David Justin (@davidjustin23)

I would like to take a moment and thank @lindseyplourde for doing the impossible... everyone that knows me knows that I am an entrepreneur, a visionary and I dream big... I always take on a ton of projects at once and without her help I wouldn't be where I am today with Toasty The Magic Fireplace. It has been so much work and she has managed to organize anything and everything that I don't have time for and more. On top of working crazy overtime hours she still finds time to manage not just the new business but my personal life as well. Drs appointments, Dentist appointments, bills, savings, Jordan, etc as well as schedule meetings, readings, pre-production planning and tasks, business accounts, shipping, emails, and much more. I could go on and on with how much she truly helps me succeed grow and reach these goals that I have set forth. Without her I wouldn't be where I am today. I just wanted to thank you @lindseyplourde and recognize all of your hard work and effort behind the scenes that no one really gets to see. Thank you for everything and always being there to support my goals and dreams... you have helped make them a reality in a big way! My love for you is unconditional and you are my best friend. #thankful #blessed #luckyman #appreciative #couldntdoitwithoutyou

Marijke van Leeuwen (@m_vanleeuwen)

And just like that, we are both married women. Love you, bestie! #summerofweddings #bestfriends #marriedlife #couldntdoitwithoutyou


My white board is usually full of lists and notes and misc info and gets erased multiple times. This message was left for me earlier in the week and even though it was a crazy week with lots of stuff on the board this stayed. When I was exhausted and just wanted to quit I saw it and remembered all the love and support I have. Maybe I should have him paint it on a canvas so I can hang it up. #crystalzcakes #cakestudio #love #couldntdoitwithoutyou

Hannah (@sweatrx)

Alison, Couldn't finish #10 without ya! I know you couldn't make this one, but #mudsisters always! (Even if you have been ditching my workouts 😜) #broughtyouwithme #gotyourback #mudsisters #toughmudder #muddernation #legionnaire #toughmudder10x #couldntdoitwithoutyou

Ssicao_ (@ssicao_)

The last couple of years have been rocky for me... up and down with my emotions and and everything else that came into play. I no longer speak to certain people who meant the world to me. Some I never thought I’d talk to again made their way back. I’ve also met a few amazing women along the way. These ladies for sure are more than friends. I’m truly blessed to have them in my life. You’ve all helped me through so much! I love you guys! πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒπŸ’•πŸ˜œ #iloveyouguys #sayitwasntyou #iamcrabbypatty #andaweirdo #YOLOπŸ˜‰ #insidejoke #youloveit #myfriends #mihermanas #beautiful #couldntdoitwithoutyou

The Organic Coup (@theorganiccoup)

It’s #FanFriday! It’s our chance to say #ThankYou to all of you! Today we give a shout out to Shelly who came to see us at our #Sacramento opening! Thanks for your support Shelly and welcome to #CoupNation! #FanFriday #ThankYou #CouldntDoItWithoutYOU πŸ“

Kimberly (@kimilovesdanes)

Thanks to every single tech that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with!! You have each made me a better doctor!
#vettechweek #vetmed #couldntdoitwithoutyou #allmylove #thankyou #❀️

Alderbrook Primary School PTA (@alderbrookpta)

16 of these bad boys arrived this week πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ». I can’t wait to see the kids using them when they get back from half term break. #ipads #newwaysoflearning #newexperiences #thankyouparents #couldntdoitwithoutyou #raisingfunds #doingitforthekids #alderbrookpta

The Cleveland Bagel Company (@clebagelco)

It’s our one year anniversary of opening the shop. We have learned a lot over this past year, and are very grateful to all our fans and customers that have made this dream a reality. We have had people from all over the country come in to try what they call β€œthey best bagel” they have ever had (their words, not mine) and continue to be awestruck by the sheer number of regular customers.
In celebration of one of the greatest milestones in perhaps all of human history, we are giving free coffee all day to customers. Remember it’s new and improved coffee roasted for us by the good folks at @sixshootercoffee. It’s πŸ’―as the kids say. Also as an added thank you, the first 50 people to order a bagel and schmear are getting that free too. No gimmicks, no time-share sales pitch in the back of the kitchen, just a straight up thank you from us to our customers. Thank you again, we sincerely appreciate you all. #bagel #knifecounty #wutang #clebagelco #cleveland #wolves #anniversary #couldntdoitwithoutyou #kittens #100

Peace Of Mind Foundation (@peaceofmindfoundation)

Our wonderful silver sponsors for the women's retreat thank you so much you are fantastic #braincancer #amazingbusinesses #silversponsor#couldntdoitwithoutyou


When you day job team support your passion & make you your own logo 😍😍😍 #dreamteam #couldntdoitwithoutyou #grateful #passion