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Froggy on the screen! I've never seen a frog spread so far apart! He must do Pilates! 🐸💪🏻 #frog #countryliving

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"Music to me is like breathing, I don't get tired of breathing & I don't get tired of Music" -Ray Charles 🎶🎸 #sandramichelle #musicfillsmysoul #singing #playingguitar #fridayonme

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Dear Diary, Tonight I sold my first order to a famous person. I might be freaking out! -Traci XO. Is it totally unprofessional of me to say so? 😱😁. #rusticeye

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You think your country livin?? My cousin Ricky gets his food on the porch, Then he cleans it in the pond.... Like it was dirty or somthing... #countryliving #countrythang #wildlife #nature. #family #backwoods #funny #funnyvines #ricky

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Homegrown carrots 🥕🥕 Quick facts 💡 - Rich in beta-carotene which converts to Vit A in the liver ✅ - Vitamin A is needed for good vision ✅ - Helps prevent disease, the roots have an anti-fungal called Falcarinol ✅ - Slows aging, our cells love the antioxidants ✅ - Great for healthy skin ✅ ⁃ Helps keep our teeth and gums healthy ✅
... easy to grow as well! I start my seeds off in an old butter container and transfer to the vege patch when they are getting their skates on 🚀 We love carrots! 🥕🌿🏄‍♀️💛 #welovecarrots #foodismedicine #detoxandthrive #rawfood #openroadliving

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Thank you @back2rootsretreats 🙏 "Meet Jen, one of the beautiful owners at North Farm, who holds a very special place in our hearts 💕
Jen and her partner Gai, spent 14 years saving up to create North Farm - a sanctuary where every last detail has been pored over with great knowledge, respect and compassion.

Together, what these incredible women have created is a space to truly understand the healing power of nature 🌱🍃🌳. They embody what a life connected to source does for the human body, and more importantly the human spirit.

Final places for our November escape to North Farm, Bellingen are up for grabs, and when you meet these women and sink toes into this exquisite panoramic, sub-tropical wonderland, you’ll know why this is our most sought-after retreat. Bookings via our website 🌼🌼🌼.

📷 @jakeholly_ 🌈

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Being a ham in the gym. Butt pics. The usual. Still get a roll in my back like everyone else.

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Shoulder season is creeping up... Making slushy roads....Finally!!! Running season has begun 👌#hellospring #runninggirl #runningseason #theviewhelps #countryliving #thenorthernlife #healthylifestyle #getoutdoors